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Marten van der Zee
Analyst, Netherlands

Reasons and Motives to Resist Change

I'm trying to collect a list of all motives for resistance to change by employees.
Henk Kleijn and Fred Rorink in their book 'Change management' indicate that there are multiple psychological motives for showing resistance by employees or managers during a 'change':
1. FEARS (I don't know if I can handle in practice...)
2. GUILT (I can't do that to my colleagues... (to cooperate)
3. ALIENATION (The change can't replace me...)
4. PERSONAL DISADVANTAGE (Financially I'm going to receive less than before...)
5. NEED (The change does not correspond with what I want)
6. THREAT (Due to the change, my position in the company gets weaker...)
7. DOUBTS (I don't know what risks are involved...)
Any further suggestions / improvements?


David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Reasons for Resistance to Change

8. FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH (We have already tried thi...

Harry Whitney, United States

On 4. Personal Disadvantage

This basically means the perception is: "I have a ...

Jan Vermeulen
Manager, South Africa

Reasons for Resistance to Change

I agree with 12. and 13. The change will negativel...

Philip Jehu
Accountant, Nigeria

Causes of Resistance to Change

17. CHANGE AGENT APPROACH: the manner of approach ...

Management Consultant, Belgium

Resistance to Change is not Always for Personal Reasons

Change" is the consequence of implementing "a solu...

Peter Kaepernick
Strategy Consultant, Germany

Reasons not to Change

The fact is, change is constant and will take plac...

Haragopal, India

Reasons for Resistence to Change

I agree with 12. 13 and 14, the main reason for re...

HUPIN, France

Reasons for Resistance to Change

19. LAW OF ARCHIMEDES: Resistance to change can be...

Accountant, Botswana

On Motives to Resist Change #6: Threat

A particular relevant form of this motive to resis...

Ramesh Victor
Management Consultant, Malaysia

Why People Resist Change

In my experience people resist change for two reas...

Leena Bissoonauth
Student (University), Mauritius

Reasons for Resistance for Change

I would like to contribute the below reasons for r...

Juan Perez Eras, Mexico

On Motives for Resistance to Change #8: Flavour of the Month

@David Wilson : I agree and would like to suggest ...

Analyst, Ukraine

Motive for Resistance to Change: Uncertainty

Similar to #7 (Doubt) we could also use the term U...

FAYEZ, Saudi Arabia

Most Important is what THEY Believe

21. CONFLICTING VALUES / BELIEVES. In case that th...

Gabriel Lira
Manager, Mexico

This List of Motives for Reistance to Change is Important to me

The situation that I have in my plant is a high re...

Fareed Ezz
Analyst, Saudi Arabia

Is it a Cause or Just an Excuse?

I would like to highlight the importance to distin...

Lenore Miller
Student (MBA), United States

Causes of Resistance to Change: Not Engaging the People Affected via True Dialogue

@Haragopal : I agree that NOT ENGAGING the people ...

edward sevume

The Notion of Change and Human Motivation

@Lenore Miller : While reading all of these wonder...

HR Consultant, Nigeria

Causes and Motives to Resist Change

Similar to @Philip Jehu (17. Change Agent Approach...

Juan Jauregui
Professor, Mexico

Neuroscience Explanation for Resistance to Change

23. NEUROSCIENCE EXPLANATION. A neuroscience hypot...

Dr. Francis G. Adjei
Lecturer, Ghana

Motives for Resistance to Change also Depend on Region

The points raised in this discourse are very rich ...

Goran Stille, Sweden

Reasons for Resistance to Change

@David Wilson: I am curious about your thinking pa...

Heidi Mureau
Management Consultant, Australia

Control, Slight or Envy, and Sabotage

This group has compiled an impressive list of chan...

David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Resistance - Reasons and Values

@Goran Stille : if people understand the reasons o...

Fauzi Arif
Manager, Indonesia

No. 4: Personal Disadvantage

Will no. 4 personal disadvantage (financially...) ...

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Why This List of Motives for Resistance to Change?

@Goran Stille: thank you for your question - why t...

Fathi Ben Amer
Management Consultant, Libya

On Motives for Resistance to Change #4: Personal Disadvantage

Implementing change in organizations means gains f...

edward sevume

Why This List and the Importance of Networking

@Jaap de Jonge (Editor): Thank you for the answer ...

kapukha patrick, Kenya

Effects of Organization's Change Process to Staff

Note that any organizational change may affect fou...

HR Consultant, India

One Obvious and Missed Out Cause of Resistance to Change

24 SHEER LAZINESS (inertia / complacency / sluggis...

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Layers of Resistance to Change (Goldratt)

Also take a look at Goldratt's 5 Layers of Resista...

debahooti basu
Teacher, India

These Reasons for Resistance to Change are Perceptions

Note that most or all of these reasons are (subjec...

Janice Johnson-Lorde
Lecturer, Trinidad and Tobago

Resistance to Change

Resistance may be disagreement with the change foc...

Jean-Marc Guillemette

Resistance is an Emotional Reaction!

@Verbeeck: some people affected by change have tro...

Kathy Hevey
Management Consultant, United States

Resist the Risk of Failure

Consider it's not "the change" that people resist....

edward sevume

Motives to Resist Change: 'Know Thy People'

@Kathy Hevey: Thanks Kathy for that insightful con...

Management Consultant, Belgium

One More Reason to Resist Change to Add to the List...

25. LACK OF SUCCESSES / RESULTS. When it takes too...

Juan Perez Eras, Mexico

Lack of Success Because of no Evaluation of Changes

@Eric Verbeeck: It's not cost-effective to wait fo...

Fareed Ezz
Analyst, Saudi Arabia

One More Reason to Change Resistance

26. Parental Control Allergy. Some people resist c...

Chloe Xu
Director, Australia

Major Reasons for Change Resistance

People's resistance to change indeed attributes to...

Vidyut chandra Patange
Management Consultant, India

Reason for not Changing: Lack of Flexibility

Organization normally have human factor we'll set ...


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