Reasons and Motives to Resist Change

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Reasons and Motives to Resist Change
Marten van der Zee, Student (University), Netherlands

I'm trying to collect a list of all motives for resistance to change by employees.
Henk Kleijn and Fred Rorink in their book 'Change management' indicate that there are multiple psychological motives for showing resistance by employees or managers during a 'change':
1. FEARS (I don't know if I can handle in practice...)
2. GUILT (I can't do that to my colleagues... (to cooperate)
3. ALIENATION (The change can't replace me...)
4. PERSONAL DISADVANTAGE (Financially I'm going to receive less than before...)
5. NEED (The change does not correspond with what I want)
6. THREAT (Due to the change, my position in the company gets weaker...)
7. DOUBTS (I don't know what risks are involved...)
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Reasons for Resistance to Change
David Wilson, Manager, Canada

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Harry Whitney, United States

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Modekets, Accountant, Botswana

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Leena Bissoonauth, Student (University), Mauritius



Most Important is what THEY Believe
FAYEZ, Management Consultant, Saudi Arabia


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Fareed Ezz, Analyst, Saudi Arabia


The Notion of Change and Human Motivation
edward sevume, Other, Sweden

Causes and Motives to Resist Change
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Control, Slight or Envy, and Sabotage
Heidi Mureau, Management Consultant, Australia

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No. 4: Personal Disadvantage
Fauzi Arif, Manager, Indonesia

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Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands

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Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands


Resistance to Change
Janice Johnson-Lorde, Student (MBA), Trinidad and Tobago

Resistance is an Emotional Reaction!
Jean-Marc Guillemette, Other, Canada

Resist the Risk of Failure
Kathy Hevey, Management Consultant, United States


One More Reason to Resist Change to Add to the List...
Verbeeck, Management Consultant, Belgium

Lack of Success Because of no Evaluation of Changes
Juan Perez Eras, Accountant, Mexico

One More Reason to Change Resistance
Fareed Ezz, Analyst, Saudi Arabia

Major Reasons for Change Resistance
Chloe Xu, Other, Australia


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