Dealing with Change is Not Always Problematic

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Dealing with Change is Not Always Problematic
I think there's a degree of over complexity here. In many instances humans do cope well with change, most usually when such change is under their control or when external influences are compatible with those things that genuinely motivate us - i.e. things that are aligned with a sense of autonomy to create and develop, mastery of skills and activity that is arrived at autonomously because it is deemed as purposeful.
Change is only a problem when it falls outside of these parameters, the task then is to analyse, evaluate and explore to see if the change is something so powerful that it cannot be brought back to lie within the above parameters or to see how best to bring back that which can be brought back within the parameters.

Dealing with Change is not Always Problematic
Jan Emerton
I agree to a certain extent. Often, just validating the emotions people feel during change and being respectful to the past is enough for most people to move on fairly quickly.
The sad thing is that many line managers are either too anxious about 'opening the floodgates' by tackling a potentially emotional subject, or under too much pressure from their own bosses to 'just get it done' that they end up ignoring or belittling the emotions.
What I see in most organisations is over emphasis on the analytical and sequential aspects of the change plan, and not enough on the less predictable, potentially chaotic human response.

Dealing with Change is not Always Problematic
Stacy Moore, Member
I agree that change adopted easier when internal and external factors are in alignment. In my experience, however, this occurs only rarely. The task then becomes coaching line managers on how to help their employees make the necessary adjustments so that they can engage in the change.

We Have a Natural Ability to Change
kvssiyer, Member
Adaptability to the changing environment is the essence of life so goes Charles Darwin. Surviving wherever we are, not to speak of beating the competition either in personal life or busienss, the constant effort to match up with changing roles and expectations is a must and we do that naturally or by intention.
These changes are imposed on us but we have the inherent ability to change as the surroundings change or the job demands change. But when we work actively on the change, it becomes accelerated and we feel more comfortable.
When we are thrown in deep water we develop the ability to swim, despite of the fact that we did not know how to swim by practice.


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