Ethics in Change Management

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Ethics in Change Management
Anupam Swarup, Member
What does one do when as a change agent, one realizes that what is being asked will finally be damaging to the growth or health of the organization?
In one of my various change management assignments I came across such a situation and did what I thought was best. I wonder what others think?

What Solutions?
TOUN MATONG Joel Desire, Member
It will be nice to share the solutions you used for such a situation.

Ethics in Managing Change
Gary Monti, Member
All one can do is what one feels is best. Sometimes that leads to a greater awareness in the organization of what is healthy and other times it means voting with your feet. This is one of the biggest challenges in change management. When greed and or fear show up and dominate a situation people get hurt. Standing up to that may mean "taking a bullet" yourself. Or, it could be appreciated by the powers-that-be and effective change management occurs.

Ethics in Managing Change
narelle kelvin, Member
I have been in an organization who faced monumental change and not having the final say in decision making it was frustrating. The change in this case cost lives so no easy matter. But when you don't have the final say, you do have to come to the place of letting go. The bullet approach in this situation failed to work but you have to realize in the grand scheme of life those in power are responsible for the decisions right or wrong. It can be soul destroying if you allow bitterness to creep over you. So move on or be prepared to fight for what is right. My opinion but would love to hear what others might have done in the same situation.

Ethics and Me
Anupam Swarup, Member
Well, I took the bullet on that account. But not before standing up for my convictions and beliefs. Would have worked if the management were open to new ideas but not in this case. It meant a huge loss in terms of reputation and money, but today I can rest easy with a clear conscience.

Ethics in Managing Change
narelle kelvin, Member
The management in our case had always had the agenda to close down the organization. Their decision, but understanding my responsibility and ability then enabled me to come out intact and in fact take it and learn from it. Yes there can be a loss, as I said in our terms lives were lost when two people committed suicide within weeks of the organization closing down. But sometimes change definitely doesn't come without pain. Embracing it and learning from negatives as well as positives is imperative. Trust you are recovering what was lost.

Change Leader must First Convince Change Agent
Wood, Member
As a change agent you need to have clarity as to the reasons why a change is required. I would suggest the 1st step would always be for the change leader to motivate the change agent what are the reasons that a change is required. Without that understanding you cannot proceed. At that time your concerns about long term damage to the growth or health of the organisation should be addressed. Despite your concerns sometimes drastic action is required.

Ethics in Change Management
Dr Robin C Hesler
Every decision in an organization needs to be made on an ethical, moral, and legal basis. This means ANY decision no matter the level to ensure trust is achieved. The only problem is that depending on the jurisdiction what is considered ethical, moral and legal (ethics and legal are not necessary the same thing) may be different so one has to know the environment one is in. One of the problems in the business world today is the sacrifice of ethics and morals for the bottom line no matter the country. One can stand up for their convictions and beliefs but they may not be in line with the organization you work for or even the person next to you.


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