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Bad Change Management Examples
khanjan, Student (MBA), India, Member
Who can share a live example of a company implementing change management miserably? What went wrong and why? Thanks!...Sign up

Change Management Worst Practice
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
One change management mistake was to appoint a young, ambitious and energetic change manager to introduce a new strategic technology concept th...Sign up

Bad Change Management
AMOS APPIAH, Manager, Ghana, Member
Human beings have always constituted the major source of resistance to change. How successful an organization's change management will be is highly de...Sign up

Change Management Real Life Experiences
amandalewis, student, United States, Member
These articles are very helpful for students who are gaining their masters degrees. We need to read all of the real life experiences about the ...Sign up

Change Management Leadership
Gabriel Montgomery, Strategy Consultant, Sweden, Member
Why is no one talking about change leadership? I think the real problem is that too many try to manage change instead of leading change. There ...Sign up

Change Management - Bad Experience
Gary Monti, Consultant/Educator, United States, Member
I believe it is better to know what question to ask than to have all the answers. The energetic, ambitious manager probably can see to infinity...Sign up

Failure to Recognize Change Needs
To stick to a plan takes dedication, but failure to recognize change needs to be done, is fatal management....Sign up

Change Management Worst Practice
Anthony Houston
This example illustrates an abject failure by management to do their job. There cannot be any change, let alone change that is successful in im...Sign up

Mitigating the Downside of Over-enthusiasm
Gautam Lamba, United Kingdom, Member
From the replies above is seems that you often have individuals who is very excited/motivated because they can see the benefits the change will bring....Sign up

When Bad Change Management Occurs
Krishna Bakaraju, India, Member
One can say that bad change management occurs when a stakeholder and the change manager are not in synch with each other. Either they are not r...Sign up

Change Management and Communication
gurrin, medical, United Kingdom, Member
Communication... the one skill that any manager can not do without, especially when dealing with change. If you can communicate effectively the...Sign up

Change Leadership & Management
Gabriel Montgomery, Strategy Consultant, Sweden, Member
My experience is that you have to both lead and manage change.
- LEADING CHANGE is all about setting direction, creating shared understand...Sign up

People Have to Choose Change
Ellen Lake, Coach, Australia, Member
You can't manage change or change people. People have to choose change. And people will choose change when they connect with the greater vision...Sign up

Change Managers not Needed
Balachandran Nair, Bank Official, India, Member
You don`t need change managers if you have a proactive HRD that encourages feedback, both positive & negative, from all employees and adresses the sam...Sign up

Recognising the Need for Change
Wesley Floyd, Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
Wow! I'm quite new to his site and these are all really interesting threads and very inspiring. My question is... How do you persuade people of the...Sign up

Find the Way to Communicate the Benefits
Rebecca Roe, United States, Premium Member
Nobody really likes change, but change occurs constantly. We just may not realize it. The situational management style seems to work very well to indi...Sign up

Crucial Actors, Participation and Communication
vrooland, consultant, Netherlands, Member
Most success stories are based on good leadership. Those are little helpful for other managers. You can identify the crucial actors and ask them ab...Sign up

My Change Management Amalgamation
Rebecca Roe, United States, Premium Member
Good leadership is a complex amalgamation of trial and error, research, and a true love of working with people. My definition of what makes a good lea...Sign up

@Wesley Floyd: How Do You Persuade People of the Need for Change ...?
Gabriel Montgomery, Strategy Consultant, Sweden, Member
You don't. It is a question of getting a shared understanding of reality. If management and rest of organisation have different perspectives on realit...Sign up

Persuading People to Change via Strange Attractors
Gary Monti, Consultant/Educator, United States, Member
The key is finding people's strange attractors. Strange attractors are stresses that if let unaddressed will cause damage or destroy a situatio...Sign up

Persuading to Change
vrooland, consultant, Netherlands, Member
Why should they cooperate with you? Not always necessary. Working in the same direction is enough. En why persuading? With good questions about...Sign up

@Vrooland - Persuading to Change
Rebecca Roe, United States, Premium Member
They don't have to cooperate--that's their choice. You can look at it in two ways.
1) Find out who's committed to work with you and for you for t...Sign up

Facilitating Engagement and Creativity
Ellen Lake, Coach, Australia, Member
I totally agree with Wesley Floyd. When people are encouraged and invited to share an honest view of current reality and can also share in the desired...Sign up

Leading Change
Wesley Floyd, Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
Thanks all for your comments. It really helped me clarify a few things, so it's been very reassuring.
In essence, I think, it's a question of be...Sign up

Producing Innovation
Carlos Oliva-Velez
Though many companies cannot stop innovating from scratch in order to survive (i.e. software industry), some others need to "push" for innovation. Thi...Sign up

Introduction Change vs Credibility
Rene Sirois
Another thought on change introduction: Each company has its own culture and history. The success of introducing change will depend on the credib...Sign up

Change Managers not Needed
Nelson Hernandez Manso
Q: How many psychologists are needed to change a light bulb?
A: Only 1, but the bulb "would desire the change"
Agree with Ms. Elen and Mr. B...Sign up

PRASAD SN, Professor, India, Member
Kudos to 12 manage for throwing up such a great subject for discussion.
I feel that one of the major reasons for resistance to change are:...Sign up

When Bad Change Management Occurs
Mosa Justin, Management Consultant, Madagascar, Member
Bad change management occurs when:
1- the diagnosis of the situation is not well done
2- there is not a holistic approach of t...Sign up

My Change Management Points
Roger Shields, Management Consultant, United States, Member
First, the previous points made are very interesting. My comments are basic:
1st: the key to managing change is to keep everyone involved info...Sign up

Bad Management Occurs
Responsibility is a funny concept to some....Sign up

Relationships/communication is the Key to Successful Implementation
Drazen, Entrepreneur, Australia, Member
I know we're all discussing things that went wrong here however I would like to point out what could have made it go right. Having just done a lot of ...Sign up

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