My Way to Deal with Resistance to Change

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My Way to Deal with Resistance to Change
I am a head teacher in a large secondary school in Scotland. Here the trade unions are very powerful and automatically resist any proposed improvement in learning and teaching practices on the basis that it will involve increased workload. As with all other unions, their priority is of course the well-being of the staff and not the wellbeing of the pupils. Over the years I have evolved the following 5 steps with regard to managing change:
1. Come up with a good idea for improving teaching - either your own good idea or someone else's good idea.
2. Give credit to the school trade union representative for coming up with the good idea, pointing to the trade union's publicly declared commitment to pupil well-being in all things
3. Oppose the idea vehemently - no way is the trade union going to dictate what happens in your school, over your dead body etc.
4. Grudgingly give in to the idea, acknowledgeing that the trade union has you over a barrel
5 implement the idea with no further difficulty!

Resistance to Change
Anthony Belon, Entrepreneur, Malaysia, Member
The reason for Change Management is because of resistance to change, call it by any other name.
Ref. Point 2 as expressed by Richard of UK, the idea of using and giving credit to the union is a strategic art of management - getting things done through others.

The Way to Deal with Resistance to Change
Wes Haydock
Is Head Teacher Richard serious? Most people would see through this as a simplistic manipulative approach. Teachers are fed up with the ever- increasing schemes and bureaucracy which for the most part make little difference to the lives of pupils. The way to create change is to involve staff in the problem-solving process not to con them.

Change Management
Sushil Relan
What Richard says is correct. But in the long run it would be appropriate to bring the teaching staff into the mainstream by involving them. My suggestions in this regard are:
(i) Start an Idea Forum to invite individual ideas and recognize the persons with best ideas public ally.
(ii) Form Teams to come out with new innovative ideas and some token awards be given.
This would ensure to manage the change smoothly.

Change Ways to Implement Change Management
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
What Richard says works every time when opposition to change is from a group that always opposes for the sake of opposing. Such people do not see reason and may not see the game as felt by Wes.
However it may not work in all situations. One has to adapt the way of introduction of change to suit the specific situation. Sometimes one has to reduce the rate of change, sometimes one has to suggest a more drastic change and retract by suggesting lesser change, which may be the original requirement.
One single recipe for introducing change managemnt may not be there.

@Richard 2212
Rebecca Roe, United States, Premium Member
You've given up--terrible strategy to me, I don't know how you rest with your conscience. I understand survival, but the art of negotiation is getting some win/win tidbits in your improvement idea. Join the union and just be a pawn. You need to quit riding the fence. Better yet go teach at a private school where students are the priority as well as the staff.

Special Interest Group Leader
Business Consultant

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