Can Beta of a Stock be 0? And can Beta be Negative?

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Question on CAPM: I know that in the CAPM Model the Beta for a stock can be less than one. If the company has a Beta of 0.33, then it is supposed to be 3 times less risky than the overall market. But can Beta also be zero? And can it be negative? (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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Can Beta be zero ?

Assuming a Beta=0 is the same as to say that the r=Rf. Then, the security under valuation has the same expected earnings as a risk free asset. Finally, the only asset with a risk free rate is assumed to be government bonds.
So, saying that some asset has Beta=0 is equivalent to say that asset is risk free or is a government bond

  CSB Nair

Stock Beta =<0

The beta can well be 0 or negative if the expected earnngs are below the risk free rate.


Stocks with a negative

A company with a of 1.000 has the same expected return rate as the risk free rate.
I therefore believe that CSB Nair is incorrect: if the expected earnings are just lower than the risk free rate, then the company has a between 0 and 1, but not negative.
Yet it is possible to imagine a company with a negative beta! This is (only) the case when its returns are counter-cyclical and move opposite to the market.
Of course, the beta of most companies' stock is positive. But there are financial assets which are designed to have negative betas. For example, funds that engage exclusively in short-selling make money when the market is falling and lose when the market is rising. Including these assets in your portfolio decreases your volatility.


Beta of a stock

A beta of one means the stock moves with th (...)



Gold-related stocks are typically beta-negative. (...)


What about cash??

Assets with beta 0 are same as risk-free assets an (...)

  Liaqat Ali


It is the theory that relates the expected return (...)



Risk-free security does not necessarily mean zero (...)

  Ghanshyam, Manager, India

Gold Industry may have a Negative Beta

If beta < 0 then the investment's returns will mov (...)

  Mukela Namushi Mubano, Accountant, Zambia

Inflation in CAPM

I totally agree with @. Inflation effects seem to (...)

  nitish dwivedi, Student (Other)

Beta Can Be Negative: Gun Companies

Friends, at the time of war when all companies pro (...)

  SCOTT DIAMOND, Manager, United States

Beta Does Not Imply No Risk!

While I would agree that safe investments have a l (...)

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