The Absence of a Strategic Mission

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Isaac E. Kruger
Management Consultant, South Africa

The Absence of a Strategic Mission

In any organisation there is a time to reflect and/or report.
But how can one reflect and report if there is no clear defined objective/mission?
A lot of managers still miss that point. One cannot asses how far you are if you don't know where you are going...


Mauricio Crippa
Manager, Brazil

The Absence of a Strategic Mission

I do believe to have a clearly defined mission is an important driver to company strategy, but I disagree it's a "thing you can't live without".
In fact, we see several private and family held companies without a formal strategic plan, but well guided by the founder's entrepreneur personal vision and beliefs.
I do think it's better to have clear values, intrinsically defined, but internalized overall the processes, than a "lab built" mission which few could believe or even understand.


Ashridge Mission Model - (Campbell)

This is the first time I've looked at this model, but I like it lot. I'd say it was fairly mainstre... Sign up

Manami Sase
CEO, Japan

No Communication of Mission

In Japan, many top managers don't communicate what is the vision, mission, values. Many people can'... Sign up

Strategy Consultant, India

Absence of Strategic Mission is of a Larger Dysfunctional Organizational Perceptive

Strategic mission is the identity as well as the role and place of an organization in the socio-econ... Sign up

Sam Hwambo. BA Hons. Bus Stud (Open)
Accountant, Zimbabwe

Keep it Simple

I believe in a clearly defined mission / vision statements with simple objectives which are easy to ... Sign up

Carol Roberts
Management Consultant, Canada

The Absence of a Strategic Mission

-- Where there is no vision the people perish --. This old proverb applies to moving forward withou... Sign up

Wulf-Dieter Krueger
Teacher, Thailand

Some Missions are Hiding the Actual Targets

Sarcastically I would rather say that you need a strategic mission to hide the fact that you have no... Sign up

Rafael Angel Calvo Arguedas
Business Consultant

Strategic Mission for Entrepreneurs

Having a strategic mission is important for would-be entrepreneurs, since it provides them a sense o... Sign up

Keshia Nelson-Brown
Accountant, Jamaica

Strategic Mission acts as a Measuring Stick

A strategic mission is important, it acts as the measuring stick to assess the accomplishments of th... Sign up

jules Nkundwa, Tanzania

Strategic Mission Important for Large Organizations

Strategic mission is very important for large organisations. I can't imagine a multinational company... Sign up

Professor, India

Missions are Often Misunderstood

Organizations make statements of their vision and mission and publish them in their annual reports. ... Sign up

R.J. van Schaik
Management Consultant, Netherlands

Any Road...

There's an old saying: "If you don't know where you're going, any road will do". That is exactly wh... Sign up

Clifford Dube
Project Manager

Planning to Go Nowhere...

Compare a mission to someone who plans a journey. In order to move from where you are there must be ... Sign up

Katie Chan
Management Consultant, United States

Organisation Mission versus Employee Mission

A defined company mission is important, but as discussed it's not unusual that employees have their ... Sign up

Wilfredo E. Taveras C.
Financial Consultant, Dominican Republic

The Effects of the Absence of a Strategic Mission

I have read all interesting reaction about the topic, and I think Mauricio from Brazil is quite righ... Sign up

Mauricio Crippa
Manager, Brazil

Emergent Strategies

Remember the fact a company doesn't have a formal strategic planning process, this doesn't mean it d... Sign up

Sean Smith
Analyst, Australia

How's This for a Novel Approach?

Some very interesting comments here. My personal view is organisations should have a clearly articul... Sign up

South Africa

Employees Have no Sense of Mission

In South Africa, I find it difficult to relate to the assumptions posed by the article. Employees i... Sign up

Michael McAteer, Canada

Supporting the Misson

It is imperative that companies have a mission / vision what's more important is that each level is ... Sign up

Manami Sase
CEO, Japan

The Tacit Strategic Mission

What is the strategy mission? I think that one of motivation is coming from "munasawagi", "kazenota... Sign up

Adewuni Stephen Oladapo
Student (MBA), Nigeria

Strategic Mission Shows the Corporate Direction

An organisation without strategic mission operates in the market without direction. Hence the hope o... Sign up

Lloyd Madzokere
Student (Other), Zimbabwe

A Mission Helps to Focus

A mission helps in focusing the effort, ideas and energy towards the attainment of organisational go... Sign up

Popoola Olanrewaju
Student (University), Nigeria

Mission: the Secret of Most Great Achiever

The problem of most African leaders is the lack of a mission or the presence of a mission based on s... Sign up

Wulf-Dieter Krueger
Teacher, Thailand

Mission and Vision Matter

Mission and Vision Matter - provided they are sincere and well communicated. I can think of 3 examp... Sign up

Akolgo Isaac
Analyst, Ghana

A Mission Gives a Sense of Direction

In the world, the greatest thing is not so much where we stand, but rather the direction we are goin... Sign up

Thabo Motsoasele
Project Manager, South Africa

Empoloyee Buy in and Dynamic World

I have read all the interesting comments and would like to emphasize that the model will not be succ... Sign up


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