Fight or Collaborate? 5 Interpersonal Conflict Types

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Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Fight or Collaborate? 5 Interpersonal Conflict Types

🔥NEW I just read an interesting article about personal relationship management. Peterson and Behfar argue you can and should broadly distinguish a conflict/collaboration continuum of 5 categories of interpersonal work relationships, depending on the extent to which the interests of 2 colleagues, people, or parties clash or are aligned (from most negative to most positive):
  1. CONFLICT (Enemies) - Trying to defeat or deny another's interest. Playing a zero-sum game confronting the other. Make sure you understand the other's strengths and weaknesses. Look for alles to help you win.
  2. COMPETITION (Rivals) - Working to deter another in order to protect or advance self-interests. Look for the common ground and analyze what really drives the rivalry.
  3. INDEPENDENCE (Neighbors) - Acting to neutralize the impact of others on self-interests. Reduce your dependency of the other.
  4. COOPERATION (Friends) - Maintaining self-interests while also advancing joint interests. Be careful as situations might change.
  5. COLLABORATION (Allies) - Merging self-interests with the interests of others. When parties have important shared key interests and will benefit from a strong long-term relationship.
No single strategy is always best; smart people know when and how to apply a particular type, possibly adjusting their own style to the other's, balancing their own interests with the other's, carefully considering the risks and trade-offs, properly deciding how much to invest in each person, and when it's better to postpone taking action or to walk away.

❗Tip: The main starting point is to understand in each situation you have (at least 5) options and so do your colleagues. Their style/preference (for this situation) might well be different from yours…

Source: Peterson R.S. and Behfar K.J., "When to Cooperate with Colleagues and when to Compete", HBR Mar-Apr 2022, pp. 143-147.


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Editor, Netherlands

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