Types of Business Processes - Classifications

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Types of Business Processes - Classifications
Marten van der Zee, Student (University), Netherlands

Henk Kleijn and Fred Rorink in their book 'Change Management' distinguish between 5 different kinds of business processes in any company (organization):
1. Primary processes: these are the main processes in a business, examples are R&D, marketing, sales, production and purchasing.
2. Secondary or supporting processes: these processes support the work of the primary processes. Examples: financial management & control, HR, administration and facility management.
3. Systems, or steering systems: these are the processes which help the primary processes (typical on a corporate level). Examples: planning & control, logistics.
4. Decision processes: this process interacts with the other processes.
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5 Kinds of Biz ProcessesSign up
Jim Burke, Manager, United States
Would be interesting to see these laid out as a sy...

5 Categories of Business ProcessesSign up
K.V.MOHANAN, Turnaround Manager, India
Thanks for this enlightenment; though I'm interact...

Innovation and Logistic ProcessesSign up
Doug Gilbert, Professor, United States
I believe that Dr. Scheer at one time used a class...

The Anatomy and Physics of ProcessesSign up
Michael Wood, Business Consultant, United States
Interesting. However, I find that it is the anatom...

Most Critical Business ProcessesSign up
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines
Note that the last two (4. decision and 5. communi...

Understanding Business Processes WellSign up
Marco Coronado, Manager, Mexico
I think this types of classification is important ...

Communication Processes are KeySign up
Fernando Valdez, Consultant, Panama
@Leodegardo M. Pruna...

Value Stream Business ProcessesSign up
Ben Schlussel, Career Consultant, United States
Also when you are considering the specific busines...

Business Process Types like Wooden BarrelsSign up
Claudio Priolo, Director, United States
The 5 types of business processes... a w...</div></td>
                  <td colspan=3> </td>
            <table style=
There is Complex Interaction Between the 5 TypesSign up
nan zeng, China
The efforts in corporate process categorization ar...


Understanding Different Kinds of Business ProcessesSign up
Abdullahi Mohammad Hari, HR Consultant, Nigeria
I am impressed with this discussion because it hel...

Strategy Process is Missing...Sign up
eugenio bastianon, Professor, Italy
I find that is the strategic management that lacks...

The Link between Business Processes and Management FunctionsSign up
Lawrence Chinkhunda, Student (MBA), Malawi
The 5 processes are quite alright. Managers should...

Isn't the Decision Process Most Important?Sign up
Miguel Sacramento, Business Consultant, Brazil
@Leodegardo M. Pruna...

All Business Processes are Important!Sign up
Dayson Castilhos, Consultant, Brazil
Interesting discussion; we see that every comment ...

3 + 4 + 5 = Management ProcessesSign up
Jackeline Molina, Consultant, Dominican Republic
@Lawrence Chinkhunda...

Creating Process InteractionsSign up
ashraf serry, Financial Consultant, Egypt
Should we want to consider the levels of process i...

An Alternative Category SchemeSign up
Jerry Talley, Business Consultant, United States
I'd suggest a different schema; I distinguish proc...

6th Business Process TypeSign up
Miguel Sacramento, Business Consultant, Brazil
I would suggest an additional category of business...

Communication and Decision-makingSign up
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines
@Miguel Sacramento

Does This Categorisation Work for All Organisations?Sign up
Andy Lake, Management Consultant, United Kingdom
Interesting. But I wonder if it works for all orga...

New Classification of Business Processes is Very InterestingSign up
Alice Quevedo O., Consultant, Mexico
Thanks Marten for sharing this new classification....

Are the Classifications Mutually Exclusive?Sign up
Suman Rao, Turnaround Manager, India
Hello Marten - thanks for bringing this to our att...

Is R&D a Primary or Secondary Process?Sign up
Sohail Ejaz, Consultant, Pakistan
I have one question, R&D is listed as a primary pr...


Process IntegrationSign up
Akin Akinreti, Management Consultant, Canada
@Jackeline Molina

Internal and External Business Process TypesSign up
Le My, Student (University), Viet Nam
Business processes can also be divided in 2 types:...

Type versus Location of ProcessesSign up
Jerry Talley, Business Consultant, United States
I urge a distinction between where a process occur...

Process Classification Framework (PCF)Sign up
shahmohammadi, Business Consultant, Iran
I think the PCF (

Business Process Relevance Depends per OrganizationSign up
Mick Breare, Business Consultant, United Kingdom
Very interesting but in my experience, things do n...

Alternative Business Processes ClassificationSign up
Alex, Accountant, China
We can also classify business processes by their r...

Agree on PCFSign up
Suman Rao, Turnaround Manager, India

3 Categories of Business ProcessesSign up
Fernando Valdez, Consultant, Panama
I tend to disagree with large lists of categories....

Position of Financial ProcessesSign up
Osman Abdel-Rahman, CEO, Ghana
@Mick Breare : I...

Internal and Expernal Business ProcessesSign up
Ajanaku Adewunmi, Consultant, Nigeria
@Le My : The int...

eTOMSign up
Alba Lucia Duque Salazar, Project Manager, Colombia
What about eTOM (enhanced Telecom Operations Map)?...

Business Processes Differ per IndustrySign up
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines
@Alba Lucia Duque Aa...

SummarySign up
Kurt Ludikovsky, Consultant, Austria
This is somewhat an interesting thread, and the co...

Business Process ClassificationSign up
venkataramanan, Professor, India
I agree with the first classification.
1) pri...

Keep Business Process Categorization SimpleSign up
Tin Win, Other, Myanmar
Making a categorization simple is better than maki...

Think End-to-end And..Sign up
Matthias Bittrich, Business Consultant, Germany
Think end-to-end: what about redundant processes? ...

... But also Left and RightSign up
Kurt Ludikovsky, Consultant, Austria
@Matthias Bittrich

Voice of Customer is FundamentalSign up
Matthias Bittrich, Business Consultant, Germany
@Kurt Ludikovsky...



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