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Rahatullah, Effat University
Professor, Saudi Arabia

The Startup Business Strategy Frame

Startup success is greatly attributed to pre-startup phase planning. Startups develop business plans to pitch their ideas to secure funding and or partners.
Perusing (Ed: ~reading) and relating the frameworks in the document could be long and cumbersome process. Similarly, there is no one page illustration that can sketch a startup’s strategy and plan that can be used universally.

Identifying this need of a one page clear, concise and attractive startup strategy model a ‘STARTUP FRAME’ is proposed:

It is constructed on learnings from considerations of the design thinking approach, the business (model) canvas and other modeling studies. The frame evolved over a period of 14 months in which two bootcamps were held. The bootcamps were attended by 266 potential startups. It has also been used by 28 students of senior entrepreneurship undergraduate course (Launching Entrepreneurial Ventures) over two semesters.
It provides a logical flow and connects value drivers on economic, operational and strategic levels of the startup. The frame provides a thorough look at startup from ideation to financial returns analysis in a sequential format. The frame enables identifying courses of action like:
  • Management of Customer Benefits (CBEN)
  • Management of Segmentation and the Customer Relationships (CREL)
  • Segmentation of Markets and Customers (SEGM)
  • Communication Management (COMM)
  • Strategic Goal Setting and Management (SGM)
  • Competitor Analysis (CA)
  • Developing Startup Frame (SF)
  • Designing the Business, Design Elements (DE)
  • Time Effectiveness at pre-startup stage.
  • One page illustration of the startup business strategy.
  • Ease in the pitching process for both the start-up and investor.
  • Triggers creativity in devising strategy.
  • Step by step approach to planning a startup from ideation to identifying the ROI.
  • Some information might require more space and extra blank sheets might have to be used by the user.
  • For some of the start-ups the whole frame may not be filled and some courses of actions may not be implemented.
  • Some start-ups may not have access to A3 papers for printing the frame.

Compare: The Entrepreneurial Strategy Compass.
See also: Startup Business Strategy Frame website.


Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

Convincing the Client

Nice concise framework. However to me, even after having all of this, if one were to treat the ethic... Sign up

C.L. Kappagomtula
Professor, Malaysia

Startup Business Strategy Framework

A very nicely explained framework, in a single page. Kudos to the author for making the explanation ... Sign up

Sanjay Verma
Business, Kenya

Startup Business Analysis Framework

Very nicely presented. I am a great fan of one page reports! It is simple and so it is effective. ... Sign up

KOEHL Maryse
Professor, France

Customer Segments and Strategic Segmentation

The business plan can integrate different segments according to the project of activity of the start... Sign up

Derek Lark
CEO, Australia

Please no Capitalisation

Please do not over-use capitalization in the forum. It is easy to use the normal text and better for... Sign up

Derek Lark
CEO, Australia

Interesting Proposal

Congratulations Rahatullah. It is always good to see people testing the status quo and proposing ne... Sign up

S. Lago
Business Consultant, Canada

Story Board for a Business

Well done! By design you have captured the who, what, where, when, why, how, and how much of the bus... Sign up

Patrick Parsons, South Africa

Add Major Processes to Startup Business Strategy Framework

A great article. If I may add the following: - A key component of any startup should be a "Process ... Sign up

Coach, Morocco

Startup Business Strategy Framework

Thank you very much for this framework. It will be useful for everyone needs to develop his business... Sign up

Management Consultant, Albania

How to Overcome Failure

This is a good overview of start up process requirements. It would also be interesting to see a dyna... Sign up

Jamaldeen Faleel
Professor, Saudi Arabia

Tested the Framework on Startups

I have tested it on some startups. I am mentoring while borrowing the frame from the owners. I and ... Sign up

Rahatullah, Effat University
Professor, Saudi Arabia

Thanks Dr. Jamaldeen

@Jamaldeen Faleel: thanks for test and information, it was tested before as well with positive resul... Sign up

Hesham Mugharbil
Lecturer, Saudi Arabia

Interesting Start-up Framework

Good work Dr. Rahatullah. It is always helpful for start-ups to find concise information and at one ... Sign up

Hassan Syed
CEO, United States

Much Needed Improvements

My company, has advocated lean practices for many years and I always felt that it was O... Sign up

Caleb Schweer
Student (University), Canada

Helpful Framework for New Business Startup

It's a very brief framework. I started a business in Canada and this frame has helped me model my st... Sign up

Naguib Chowdhury
Business Consultant, Saudi Arabia

Captured Most of the Critical Fields

I like the model as it captures some missing points from the original Business Model Canvas (which ... Sign up

Entrepreneur, Saudi Arabia

Start-up Model by Dr. Khan

In our entrepreneurial competitions, we used this model. This was a clear framework for us to descri... Sign up

Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Complement with SMART or PRAMKU

I like the comprehensive one-page over-view. It could be complemented by SMART. Consider that even m... Sign up

Derek Lark
CEO, Australia

Objectives and Their Development

Many objectives aren’t achieved, irrespective of the model used to develop them. There are many reas... Sign up

Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Achievement of Objectives

@Derek Lark: Agreed. Changes in a variety of factors (environmental, resourcing etc.) can prevent we... Sign up

Rahatullah, Effat University
Professor, Saudi Arabia

SMART Goals / PRAMKU in Startup Business Strategy Frame

Agree and that's why SMART goals are included (at the bottom left of the framework). I will check a... Sign up

Rahatullah, Effat University
Professor, Saudi Arabia

The Startup Business Strategy Frame

I have now put the framework on a website: Users can work through it with the... Sign up


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