The Startup Business Strategy Frame

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The Startup Business Strategy Frame
Rahatullah, Effat University, Professor, Saudi Arabia, Member
Startup success is greatly attributed to pre-startup phase planning. Startups develop business plans to pitch their ideas to secure funding and or partners.
Perusing (Ed: ~reading) and relating the frameworks in the document could be long and cumbersome process. Similarly, there is no one page illustration that can sketch a startup’s strategy and plan that can be used universally.

Identifying this need of a one page clear, concise and attractive startup strategy model a ‘STARTUP FRAME’ is proposed:

It is constructed on learnings from considerations of the design thinking approach, the business (m...

Convincing the Client
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
Nice concise framework. However to me, even after having all of this, if one were to treat the ethical (read without any monetary manipulation or enti...

Startup Business Strategy Framework
C.L. Kappagomtula, Professor, Malaysia, Member
A very nicely explained framework, in a single page. Kudos to the author for making the explanation very clear and concise. He has covered all the gam...

Startup Business Analysis Framework
Sanjay Verma, Business, Kenya, Member
Very nicely presented. I am a great fan of one page reports!
It is simple and so it is effective.
There is no over-simplification nor any po...

Customer Segments and Strategic Segmentation
KOEHL Maryse, Professor, France, Member
The business plan can integrate different segments according to the project of activity of the start up.
It is possible to create subdivisions in...

Please no Capitalisation
Derek Lark, CEO, Australia, SIG Leader
Please do not over-use capitalization in the forum. It is easy to use the normal text and better for everyone to read....

Interesting Proposal
Derek Lark, CEO, Australia, SIG Leader
Congratulations Rahatullah.
It is always good to see people testing the status quo and proposing new models. And also good to see it has actually...

Story Board for a Business
S. Lago, Business Consultant, Canada, Member
Well done! By design you have captured the who, what, where, when, why, how, and how much of the business plan and shown the inter-relationships among...

Add Major Processes to Startup Business Strategy Framework
Patrick Parsons, South Africa, Member
A great article. If I may add the following:
- A key component of any startup should be a "Process Landscape". Basically at a level 1 proc...

Startup Business Strategy Framework
AMRAOUI Abraim, Coach, Morocco, Member
Thank you very much for this framework. It will be useful for everyone needs to develop his business plan. I like it in one page.
Please keep us ...

How to Overcome Failure
Gavril, Management Consultant, Albania, Member
This is a good overview of start up process requirements. It would also be interesting to see a dynamic flow of the processes necessary for a start up...

Tested the Framework on Startups
Jamaldeen Faleel, Professor, Saudi Arabia, Member
I have tested it on some startups. I am mentoring while borrowing the frame from the ...

Thanks Dr. Jamaldeen
Rahatullah, Effat University, Professor, Saudi Arabia, Member
@Jamaldeen Faleel: thanks for test and information, it was tested before as well with positive results and commendat...

Interesting Start-up Framework
Hesham Mugharbil, Lecturer, Saudi Arabia, Member
Good work Dr. Rahatullah. It is always helpful for start-ups to find concise information and at one place.
This framework should be utilized not ...

Much Needed Improvements
Hassan Syed, CEO, United States, Member
My company, has advocated lean practices for many years and I always felt that it was OK for a basic startup but inadequate in capturing ...

Helpful Framework for New Business Startup
Caleb Schweer, Student (University), Canada, Member
It's a very brief framework. I started a business in Canada and this frame has helped me model my startup. Great work!...

Captured Most of the Critical Fields
Naguib Chowdhury, Business Consultant, Saudi Arabia, Member
I like the model as it captures some missing points from the original Business Model Canva...

Start-up Model by Dr. Khan
Noor, Entrepreneur, Saudi Arabia, Member
In our entrepreneurial competitions, we used this model. This was a clear framework for us to describe to the judges what our project was about. We we...

Complement with SMART or PRAMKU
Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
I like the comprehensive one-page over-view. It could be complemented by SMART. Consider that even many SMART objectives are not achieved. That's why ... 26-9-2018

Objectives and Their Development
Derek Lark, CEO, Australia, SIG Leader
Many objectives aren’t achieved, irrespective of the model used to develop them. There are many reasons why this occurs, driven from both the internal... 27-9-2018

Achievement of Objectives
Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
@Derek Lark: Agreed. Changes in a variety of factors (environmental, resourcing etc.) can prevent well written and a... 27-9-2018

SMART Goals / PRAMKU in Startup Business Strategy Frame
Rahatullah, Effat University, Professor, Saudi Arabia, Member
Agree and that's why SMART goals are included (at the bottom left of the framework).
I will check and see if the second verison of the frame coul... 30-9-2018


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