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Brand Irritation: a New Concept
Pushyamitra, Entrepreneur, India, Member
Are poor services irritating you?
Is less and wrong information given about the products or services by the marketing people made you angry?
If your answer is YES for both questions and it affects your next purchase decision in choosing that particular brand and its sister brand negatively, then the company is suffering from brand irritation.
Brand irritation means "a negative image created about a particular brand or company in the mind of a customer due to his/her bad experience with products or services or sales personnel behavior" and it reflects his/her decision in not buying other product/services of the same company or brand under the umbrella....Sign up

Another Chance
Aleksandra Lah Steblaj, Consultant, Slovenia, Member
Unfortunately often "best practice". Are we aware of the fact that all services are based on individual's characteristics? I think not. So I propose t...Sign up

Negative Branding
Ankit Kedia, Australia, Member
With all due respect towards the contributor, I disagree. Poor and information falsification cannot be clubbed under brand irritation. Brand irrita...Sign up

Brand Irritation
Bernard Peek, Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
When I bought my first shiny new mobile phone I was offered a free case for it, but it was out of stock. I was told it would arrive via mail. After a ...Sign up

Irritation and Customer Experience Management
Aaron Shaffer, Consultant, United States, Member
I agree. Service, info quality, timeliness, individual interactions... All part of the customer experience. I am seeing more and more of my cli...Sign up

Overcoming Brand Irritation
Doc Campbell, Business Consultant, Mexico, Member
I think most consumers realize that even though they may view an individual (and their attitude, courtesy, expertise, etc.) as a representative of the...Sign up

Brand Irritation Causes Loss of Customer
Tea Tan
I do agreed that brand irritation will make a company lose its customer permanently. Once the customer has had a bad experience with a product, he or ...Sign up

Overcoming the Negative Impression
Dennis A. Tribble, Director, United States, Member
One of the things I have found, at least in the healthcare sector, is that transparency is a key to overcoming brand irritation. The more a cus...Sign up

Customer Irritation Because of Powerful Position
Ana Elizabeth Palencia, Teacher, Colombia, Member
We had problems with a software provider when they were sole distributor. So we had to bear their services conditions. Although the brand is ex...Sign up

Consequence of Arrogance
Dennis A. Tribble, Director, United States, Member
There can be no doubt that arrogance around owning a market space is one of the best drivers in creating competition....Sign up

Brand Inconsistency Repackaged as Brand Irritation?
Cristobal ColĂ³n, Manager, United States, Member
The makings of an effective brand require a few basic factors. One of them is consistency.
You are positing a new concept called "brand irrit...Sign up

Brand Irritation and CVM
Biju T A, Professor, India, Member
Brand irritation is not a new concept it was there even when the marketing theories were formed for the first time, but the term ‘brand irritation’ an...Sign up

Avoid Brand Irritation by Educating Employees
David Lowe, United States, Member
I am of the opinion that companies depend on employees to develop, establish and extend their brand.
Employees can only work with the tool...Sign up

Brand Irritation Means Customer Irritation
Fernando A A Ranieri, Mechanical Engineer, Brazil, Member
Of course bad products and services are all around. I believe that companies should follow as close as possible the behavior of both before customers'...Sign up

Brand Irritation is Related to not Meeting Expectations
David Lidrbauch
In my opinion many of the descriptions above are related to the reality of not meeting expectations that were created by the brand's promises. ...Sign up

Lost Customers CAN be recovered
Sheikh Ghias Ahmed, United Kingdom, Member
It is quite hard to earn customers and it is really easy to lose the customer because of an ill brand services or product and it is hard to recover th...Sign up

Brand Irritation is About Products the Customer Does not Want
Manoj Sahay, Consultancy, India, Member
I have a different take on this. Brand irritation has more to do with products / services that are being pushed to consume, which are not, what the...Sign up

Brand Irritation Caused by Over Enthusiasm to Sell
Dr.M.Vinod Kumar, India, Member
Most of the times it is the over enthusiasm of the company to sell... Without proper backup or quality control which leads not just for the los...Sign up

Consumers not Looking for a Simple Transaction
David Li, Director, Hong Kong, Member
Brand irritation may have different effects on consuming behaviour in the open market; most customers still have their freedom of choice. Nowadays, co...Sign up

Brand Irritation is Short Term
Leo van Sister
In our experience brand irritation can indeed be an effective brand strategy, given the right conceptual setting.
However you must reset yourself...Sign up

Brand Irritation is New Term for Same Concept
Priya Rathore, Member
What is thought to be brand irritation here, is nothing but a moment of misery in the world of customer care. My point is why complicate the topic ...Sign up

Brand Irritation is an Encapsulation
Sanjay Verma, Business, Kenya, Member
I completely agree with Pushyamitra ( very nice name, indeed) mitra.
A broad generalisation of the issue may be encapsulated as irritation due...Sign up

Brand Irritation is Next Step of Brand Arrogance
Dr. Uwe Schindler, MBA, Manager, Germany, Member
I am the opinion that brand arrogance of enterprises leads to situations of lower performance and customer orientation and in a next step to brand irr...Sign up

Brand Irritation Normally Post-purchase
K.Subbaraman, Teaching, India, Member
Normally brand irritation occurs post purchase. Any affected customers could indulge in destructive negative publicity about not only a single ...Sign up

Brand Irritation Definition
aabaride, Consultant, India, Member
It is the unintended perception (often negative) created in the customer's mind which overshadows the inherent attributes of the product or service...Sign up

Sanjay Verma, Business, Kenya, Member
There seems to be an anomaly or say a paradox in your statement. Is the product or service a subset of its brand? I believe that it is not an...Sign up

Brand Irritation Causes Bad Publicity
Raunak Yadav, India, Member
A brand plays very important role in creating publicity in the market. If the customer feels irritation with the brand then this may cause a negative ...Sign up

Brand Irritation Can Be Effective
Leo van Sister
Brand irritation does not necessarely result in a negative result. As long as you plan to act quick, clever and organize the "response"....Sign up

Reasons for Brand Irritation
Srinivasan, Member
Brand irritation can happen if a good brand is not handled properly in terms of quality, cost, delivery and service. This happens very often in...Sign up

Thanks to All
Pushyamitra, Entrepreneur, India, Member
Dear all, thanks for all your love and valuable time given to my writing. Pardon me for responding late due to long distance travel I was unabl...Sign up

Brand Irritation and Group Think
Sandra Maughon
Unfortunately most customers are far less sophisticated than we give them credit for being. Memories are short and messages are shortened. Watch ba...Sign up

Brand Irritation
Augustine Brendan INYANG, Management Consultant, Nigeria, Member
I share the views of Sandra Maugho on this subject. Note that a negative comment by a customer spreads fast and tends to wipe all the positive cred...Sign up

Erosion of Brand Perception
FRANCIS OWERA KODHIAMBO, Turnaround Manager, Kenya, Member
A brand carries with it attributes and benefits and when a consumer is denied any of the promises brand perception is eroded. This can lead to ...Sign up

Brand Irritation vs Brand Recognition
Morna McGAnn, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
I agree that when a product is marketed that does not really do what it is supposed to that that can be irritating! That is why successful marketers h...Sign up

Two Causes for Brand Irritation
SANAJI, Teacher, Indonesia, Member
Maybe we could see brand irritation as resulting from two causes.
Firstly, brand irritation as a result of poor advertizing messages.
...Sign up

Brand Irritation Related to Product / Service
onur karaaslan, Manager, Turkey, Member
I agree that the brand irritation should be much more related to the performance of the good/service itself rather than the total experience de...Sign up

Two Causes of Brand Irritating
Kwabena Benni
In my case the advert was very good, but the product was not good as the ad preached about. I get irritated in both cases....Sign up

Two Causes of Brand Irritation
Luiz Araujo, Manager, Portugal, Member
Yes I agree. This irritation can come from both a bad service and from a bad advertising as well.
I remember I didn't join some telephone ...Sign up

Brand Irritation - Many Factors Together
kunal bhushan, Entrepreneur, India, Member
Poor positioning of sub standard/cheap articles produces brand irritation in customers for standard/useful product of the same company. Failure to del...Sign up

Brand Irritation
Judas Makgoba, Manager, South Africa, Member
To retain your customers rendering a speedy & quality service and exceeding customer's expectations are important. Failing to do so will result...Sign up

Brand Irritation Because of Advertising
Elisa W. , student, France, Member
Spam and over-advertising can cause brand irritation. More people are becoming conscious customers and don't want to be manipulated by ads, and...Sign up

Irritation Due to Sales Pressure
Saurav Ghosh, CEO, India, Member
I have a slightly different take on this issue. Sometimes wrong commitments and false promises are made due to the pressure put on (sales) employee...Sign up

Is the Key in Irritation, not in Brand?
White, United Kingdom, Member
For me, the issue is in "irritation" - This implies an ongoing or persistent negative reaction triggered by external factors.
This might b...Sign up

Brand Irritaton & Strategy in Organizations
Koki Ochieng, Consultant, Kenya, Member
I just wonder, having analysed the concept of brand irritation, how, in simple terms can one advise an organization to factor in the avoidance of b...Sign up

Brand Disgust
SraDa, Business Consultant, India, Member
Recently, my daughter went to a beauty salon (belongs to a multinational with a wide cosmetic line) with an appointment for a specific service from...Sign up

Brand Irritation Caused by Poor Service
meena, Manager, India, Member
For me, irritation is not towards the brand, it is towards the non-response of the service officials to our call or queries for repair or recti...Sign up

Customer Care Education
Koki Ochieng, Consultant, Kenya, Member
From the above discussions therefore, a good strategic plan needs to have an awareness ans sensitization objective to guide employees on expected b...Sign up

Avoidance of Brand Irritation
Sanyambe Obert, Student (MBA), Namibia, Member
I feel that more needs to be done on the communications related to brands. For example an organisation might be happy with a set of advertisement, pro...Sign up

Brand Irritation and Customer Feedback
J S Broca, Teacher, India, Member
Yes, I do feel irritated
- when the brand fails to deliver as promised or expected, or
- when brand products are more expensive than other ...Sign up

Function for Brand Performance / Irritation
Sanjay Verma, Business, Kenya, Member
Sanyambe Obert, I fully subscribe to your analysis. If I may add, I think the importance that should be given to brand performance / irritation is ...Sign up

Emotional Management
Koki Ochieng, Consultant, Kenya, Member
From Broca's response it seems that a company needs to be cognizant of the need to monitoring customers feelings as they tend towards irritation. It i...Sign up

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