How to Measure the Effectiveness of Brainstorming Sessions?

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How to Measure the Effectiveness of Brainstorming Sessions?
Jeremy Lu, Manager, Australia, SIG Leader
Time and time again research shows that in general meetings are only 40% effective, with the rest of it being non-value adding activities. How can we measure the effectiveness of a brainstorming session just run? (Understanding such issues as production block, groupthink and manual collation associated with traditional methods of brainstorming sessions)
- Is evidence of the process sufficient?
- Does transparency of decision making create enough impetus for action?
- Also, if we are to define effectiveness as to how well the problem is solved, or the desired result achieved, what would be the best way to represent this to our stakeholders.

Iíve seen many aspiring leaders "run a workshop" entirely focused on the PROCESS (what happens at the event) rather than on OUTCOMES (what...Sign up

Brainstorming Effectiveness Measurement
Saman, Teacher, Thailand, Member
- Meeting the objectives
- Practical for implementation
- Problems that led to brainstorming need have been address...Sign up

Measuring Meeting Effectiveness
Jeffrey W Pferd, Management Consultant, Member
I have used for many years the 'Benefits and Concerns' session at the end of the meeting to get a gauge of whether we accomplished the goals or...Sign up

Measuring Brainstorming Effectiveness
CONFIDENCE AGBLOBI-TETTEH, Business Consultant, Ghana, Member
Perfect discussion. Brainstormingís effectiveness should be measured against the problem at stake: Why was the session commenced in the first p...Sign up

Effectiveness - Efficient Participation
Francis Joseph, United Kingdom, Member
At the onset participants should be made aware of the theme, objectives and expected outcome of the workshop. "Focus on Results" is key to enga...Sign up

Measuring Brainstorming Effectiveness
Roy Hiler
Brainstorming is simply a method of generating ideas around a specific question, issue, or problem. Therefore the "effectiveness" of the brainstorm...Sign up

Measuring Brainstorming Effectiveness
odhiambo tom, Manager, Kenya, Member
This topic is timely and will help many people, especially those in public sector. The impetus of any such sessions is a need for solution. The what, ...Sign up

Measuring Brainstorming Effectiveness
Francesco Ientile, Coach, Canada, Member
You can measure effectiveness from the perspective of a solution, comparing brainstorming results to the problem at hand and whether those results sol...Sign up

Idea's of Brainstorming Method
benjamin, Director, Indonesia, Member
I am agreeing with @Roy Hiler. To add: brainstorming must give a result or some alternative result that is possible...Sign up

Assessment of Brainstorming Effectiveness
Gandhi Heryanto, Management Consultant, Indonesia, Member
In order to assess the productivity of brainstorming, some explicit quantitive and qualitative measurement criteria are necessary. Then the cor...Sign up

Brainstorming is not an Effective Method for Focusing
Amir Roggel, Teacher, Member
Refering to classical "group brainstorming" - the first generation ideation method developed by Alex Osborne in the 50s - it is a method and any metho...Sign up

How do we Measure the Effectiveness of the Brainstorm Session Itself?
Murty Magda Pane, Lecturer, Indonesia, Member
1. The Process
- All participants understand the problem.
- All participants provide ideas to the problem solving.
- The ideas shall al...Sign up

Points to Establish Effective Brainstorming Sessions
Dil Prasad Shrestha, PhD, Management Consultant, Nepal, Member
Following points may help measure the effectivess of brainstorming sessions
1. Assess the PROCESS AND NORMS to be followed.
2. Always keep i...Sign up

Measuring Brainstorming Sessions
samson chateuka, Accountant, Member
Board room decision effectiveness may be measured by how well it is understood by implementers of the decision. If implementers don't support i...Sign up

Brain Storming is a Brain Dump
Nirmala Herrkaur Strange, CxO / Board, United Kingdom, Premium Member
Brainstorming is effectively a brain dump, so it is very important for the coordinator or facilitator of this important exercise to stay focused on wh...Sign up

Using Objectives
Jeremy Lu, Manager, Australia, SIG Leader
Great participation and ideas being shared so far by all here. Thank you!
I have really enjoyed reading them and support the notions of:
- G...Sign up

Capturing Benefits and Concerns
Jeremy Lu, Manager, Australia, SIG Leader
@Jeffrey W Pferd: I like this concept. Jeffrey, how do you capture benefits and concerns quickly and effectively? D...Sign up

Effectiveness of Brainstorming or Entire Case?
Vijay Bhatia, Consultant, India, Member
Brainstorming in itself is only a means and not the end.
Therefore, if the process of participation has ensured quantity, no criticism, welcom...Sign up

Brainstorming is About Participation
shaheen, Consultant, United Arab Emirates, Member
Has anyone used storm board. It's a great tool for brainstorming. Iíve tried it previously. Works really well. All ideas are collated on electronic po...Sign up

There are no Bad Ideas in Brainstorming
mohanned, Tunisia, Member
There are no bad ideas during brainstorming, all contributions should be appreciated by facilitator.
Itís not necessary to measure the effectiven...Sign up

The Brainstorming Method is Only Half of the Process
bambang subagjo, Business Consultant, Indonesia, Member
@Vijay Bhatia: I agree. We should divide the process into two parts: firstly, the process of GENERATING IDEA...Sign up

Brain Storming by Nature Should Be a Creative Process
Eyal Policar, Entrepreneur, Israel, Member
We must indeed differentiate between brainstorming and meetings that are achievement-oriented. Brainstorming should be done when vision is needed, unf...Sign up

Brainstorming is a Social Process
Pornpunsa Wuttisanwattana, Management Consultant, Thailand, Member
My perception is that group brainstorming is a social psychological activity where you require the members to bring out their ability and creativity.<...Sign up

Brainstorming is Part of a Larger System to Achieve Goals
Ed Neri, HR Consultant, Philippines, Member
The process of problem solving and decision making by the manager is one of the primary responsibilities of a manager. Both from a preventive or a rea...Sign up

Assessment of Brainstorming Effectiveness
Sheryl Nuevo, Student (Other), Philippines, Member
@Gandhi Heryanto: I agree with your statement. Basically, a goal is set before an activity, such as in brainstormin...Sign up

Did the Brains Storm?
Finn Svenning, Consultant, Denmark, Member
You should evaluate whether or not the participants really did storm or shake their brains. What you do with the idea's and how - is completely anothe...Sign up

Focus on the Objective of the Brainstorming Session
Francis, Manager, Thailand, Member
We need to be clear about the objective. The outcome depends on what set as objective. Hereís the classical way to measure the effectiveness of a b...Sign up

Brainstorming is About Participation
Jeremy Lu, Manager, Australia, SIG Leader
@Shaheen: You should also check out GroupMap for customisable, brainstorming that uses simple templates and priori...Sign up

Great Discussion on Brainstorming Effectiveness
Jeremy Lu, Manager, Australia, SIG Leader
Thanks everyone, really enjoying reading the discussions and seeing the number of people interested in the effectiveness of brainstorming so that it d...Sign up

Creativity Inside Voice, Outside Dream
Dr zahra gheidar, Consultant, Iran, Member
Brainstorming is a way to increase creativity. If we want to know or measure its effectiveness, we should measure creativity. In my class I measured i...Sign up

Assessing Brainstorming Effectiveness
Maurice Hogarth
Brainstorming is a process for applying creativity, to enable 'thinking outside the box' when generating options for a decision i.e. "In how many ways...Sign up

Measuring Effectiveness or Stifling Creativity of Brainstorming?
Yoo Win, Student (MBA), Malaysia, Member
A Brainstorming exercise is meant to encourage all participants to release their "unbridled" creativity to generate as many ideas as possible. By putt...Sign up

Brainstorming Creativity versus Effectiveness
Vijay Bhatia, Consultant, India, Member
@Yoo Win: any measurement (if at all) comes in only AFTER the process of brainstorming. Therefore, participants are...Sign up

Effective Brainstorming
Fred Blomsma, Manager, Netherlands, Member
It starts with the reason why you organize a meeting. For example:
- If an inspector is coming within two weeks and you are out of compliance and...Sign up

Brainstorming in our Arab Countries
mohamed hesham khattab, Management Consultant, Egypt, Member
I am an Arab expert in quality management systems, conformity assessment and accreditation field for industrial products and services and I would like...Sign up


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