Start Brainstorming Process Individually, Then Move to Group Process

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Alex Dail
Management Consultant, United States

Start Brainstorming Process Individually, Then Move to Group Process

When people work as a group to brainstorm it limits novelty to start as a group to early. People censor what they believe a group will accept (Groupthink).
Research has found that brainstorming ought to begin with the individual where a person has sometime to relax.
Then, after a couple of days, come together as a group and then use the private brainstorming ideas as springboards for group ideas.

Professor, India

Start Brainstorming Activity Individually

If you don't start brainstorming individually this is also likely to infuse cognitive bias, influence from others, and is also likely to lead to preconceived opinions.

  John Thacker, UK

Start Brainstorming Process Individually

Very much agree. We have been losing the power of individual thinking and have failed to encourage people to learn personal persistence in this area.
Starting with group brainstorming results in the views of a minority dominating and lends itself to network bias.
A point strongly emphasised by Susan Cain in her great book 'Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking.'
Thanks, Alex.

  Ivan Kohlinsky
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

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  Goran Stille, Sweden

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I think the key issue in an effective brainstormin...

  Damodaram Kuppuswami
Consultant, India

Dynamics of the Individual and Group Processes

In my view starting at individual level is the fou...

  ashok mhatre
Manager, India

Start Brainstorming Process Individually, but Keep Open Mind

There is merit in brainstorming on preconceived in...

  Dr zahra gheidar
Consultant, Iran

Starting with Individual Brainstorming Activates Unconscious

Individual brainstorming provides an opportunity f...

  Juan Perez Eras, Mexico

Personality of Individuals (intro/extrovert) Could also Affect this Topic

It's important to remember that personality of ind...

  jose pontones
Business Consultant, Mexico

Facilitator also Influences the Need to Start with Individual Brainstorming

The key I believe is to have a facilitator who can...

Entrepreneur, United States

Private Time to Reflect... Essential to Contributing to Group

This is a great discussion. With many outstanding ...

  Joyce Msolla
Teacher, Tanzania

Think First, then Contribute in Group

Individual brainstorming allows for better underst...

  Muhammad Nawaz Khan
Student (University), Denmark

Prepare Brainstorming Process Individually

Individual preparation has a different way of feel...

  Damodaram Kuppuswami
Consultant, India

Increase Quality of the Brainstorming Process

@Joyce Msolla: I agree with your view. Instilling ...

  E Benshetler
Project Manager, United States

Intro/extrovert also Applies to Cultural Backgrounds

@Juan Perez Eras: Excellent point that applies in ...

  Jennifer C. Galvez
CEO, Philippines

Start Brainstorming Process Individually

Starting first with individually considering the t...

  Goran Stille, Sweden

Activates the Unconscious

@Zahra Gheidar: But the unconscious is not some me...

  Gabriel A. Donkoh
Accountant, Ghana

Getting the Best Out of Brainstorming

I agree with Alex Dail, people think deeper and cl...

  muyiwa okesanya
Business Consultant, Nigeria

Start Brainstorming Process Individually

For any individual to fit in into group brainstorm...

  melchiorre calabrese
Manager, Italy

Start Brainstorming Process Individually

I agree that it is agood idea to have the members ...

  Jeremy Lu
Manager, Australia

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  Garth Nowland-Foreman, New Zealand

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