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Store your Brainstorming Ideas - They May be of Use Later
During brainstorming sessions, varied thoughts come out of the team which can be co related to "ideas" captured earlier. An idea that was conceived a year back, may serve as a baseline for today 's topic.
So keep ideas, store them, so you can retrieve them later and apply them at an appropriate time and in an appropriate setting.

Brainstorming Ideas Saved
Armand Albuquerque, Teacher, United States, Member
I am in an industry that has regular cycles. Busy seasons, regular resets, inventories, and roll out of new products or services. It would make sense to build off of what was brought up last time, instead of having to re-invent the wheel each time this activity has to be planned for.

How I Save Brainstorming Ideas...
Veteran Air Commodore DR HSR, Consultant, India, Member
During brainstorming if someone comes with a good idea, I have the habit to scribble that idea on a piece of paper with date/time and other references.
I store it in a simple box for later exploration of the ideas. So far this paid great dividends.
I advice others also try to practice this simple innovation.

Saving and Sharing your Ideas
Chris Patterson
Keeping with the theme, an idea, in your head, written down, is of no value to anyone except yourself, unless you share it.
If you are talking about information that is potentially several years old. Access is likely to have been lost. Ideas need to be captured, recorded (using some form of standard methodology), and shared to retain their value.

Saving and Sharing your Ideas
Arthur Panton, Consultant, Kenya, Member
@Chris Patterson: I certainly agree with you; sharing knowledge gives others opportunities, often unexpected, to make positive contributions. But sometimes the type of organisation may also have an impact, so my observation is general.

What to Save in the Creativity Process
Adonis, Business Consultant, France, Member
Brainstorming techniques are fully democratized. Personally I tag:
- The participants profile inspired by "thinking hats"
- I rate them from 0 to 5 following their personality.
- In parallel I record the main ways which drive to the ideas.
- For arrangement and classification I use tree methods.
- The use of certain software is possible, depending on the further utilisation...

Save Brainstorming Ideas and Edit them later
amer abosada, Manager, Libya, Member
I like this item, saving the brainstorming ideas is very helpful for the future. Many times I used an idea from the past. We can save the ideas on our notebook or computer to use them at suitable time and place. Thanks.

Method for Re-using Brainstorming Outputs
Adonis, Business Consultant, France, Member
I proposes to consider "data" and "processes" simultaneously. Saving data refers to well known practices which may end in databases. Saving processes includes process modelling and process management.
At this stage a method consists to tailor data and processes and build a basis. As a second step we can integrate additional qualities issued from leadership, human factors and/or particular activity areas that may modify or enrich the previously built basis.
Of course this is a generic approach, a little difficult to carry out. It's intersting to consider the links with quality of the data and with KPIs.

Refer your Idea Repository
@Chris Patterson: Maybe you are right but this can be streamlined and only discipline is required. Also we can look this way. During the crisis you are deprived of creative ideas and so you can refer your idea repository and may pick up a thread to create the one that needs to be addressed immediately.

Storing your Brainstorming Ideas
Algia-Bernadette, Student (University), Trinidad and Tobago, Member
An adoption of this view should be embraced. When we write or record, we remember. This idea is how great theories have been and are still being developed. The database that is built has the potential to become a catalyst for other and other's ideas and can prompt research.

Special Interest Group Leader
Jeremy Lu

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