Do a Brainstorm Session to Make (or Prepare for) Major Decisions

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Consultant, India

Do a Brainstorm Session to Make (or Prepare for) Major Decisions

It is adviseable to conduct a branstorm session before any big project for an effective decision making. In my long years of industrial experience I have found it is useful and wise to do brainstorming before taking any major decision.
The members of the group should be from various functional areas, such as production, planning, purchase, maintenance, stores and safety. This helps in two ways:
1. All aspects are covered while a final decision is made,
2. It makes all the members duty bound to adhere to the decision.
Note that it is imperative that the person responsible for making the decision is answerable and will be held responsible for the final outcome.

  Miftachu Rochman

Manager's Competence for Guide Brainstorming

It's a challange for any project manager to motivate all participants and make them express their opinions. How can a manager build his competence to lead brainstorming sessions?

  Jamil Adil
Manager, Pakistan

Manager's Competence in Guiding Brainstorming

It is a real challenge.. Let me first amend to wha...

  zahid Hussain
Management Consultant, Pakistan

Brainstorming for Decision Making

In my opinion, when you do a brainstorm to prepare...

  Nick Anderson
Business Consultant, United States

Brainstorming and the Requiring Environment

In my experience, for brainstorming to lead to ide...

  Luciano Santini
Coach, United States

Open Forum may present Better Options

I believe that before making the final choice on a...

Consultant, India

Brainstorming and Leadership

Brainstorming, as everyone has agreed is a means t...

  Prabhakaran, India

Brainstorming Requires Neutral Moderator

Yes. Brain storming is effective tool for decsion ...

  Leodegardo M. Pruna
Professor, Philippines

Brainstorming Towards Decision Making

@Miftachu Rochman: easy, build up trust, respect a...

Teacher, India

Brainstorming not a Decision Making Tool

@V Shridhar: I disagree on braistorming being a de...

  S. M. Sapatnekar
Director, India

Brainstorming is an Aid to Decision Making

Planning and executing a brainstorm is a moderator...

Consultant, India

Brainstorming and Decision Making

@R. S. Mathur : in my view brainstorming is only a...

  Robert R. Zulu
Student (MBA), Zambia

Brainstorming; Generating Many Radical and Creative Ideas

Brainstorming is a popular tool that helps you gen...

  Amanda Strydom, South Africa

Combining and Redesigning 2-3 Ideas...

It is always important to listen to the "no's" tha...

  Mahesh Kumar
Manager, India

Brainstorming: a Habit

Every efficient object we see around is a result o...

  Laxman Prasad Paudel
Manager, Nepal

Brain Storming is not a Sufficient Means of Making a Decision

I agree brainstorming is an important tool for the...

Teacher, India

Brainstorming Tool - a Great Way of Solving Problems

Brainstorming is one of the effective tools to arr...

  muyiwa okesanya
Business Consultant, Nigeria

Brainstorming is a Democratic Method of Decision Making

I see brainstorming as a democratic method of prob...

  Victor Aguilan
Professor, Philippines

Do a Brainstorm Session to Make (or Prepare For) Major Decisions?

Yes and no. There is a danger that the "brainstorm...

Consultant, India

Brainstorming: A Bouquet of Opinions Revealed...!

I am happy with all of these reactions on brainsto...

  Ramji Sharma, PhD
Professor, Nepal

Brainstorming: not Always Good D/M Tool

Brainstorming is a good technique when you have to...

Manager, India

Use People from Different Departments in Brainstorming Sessions

@Zahid Hussain: if we draw employees from all depa...

Partner, India

Brainstorming depends on Leadership

Everything depends on the type of leadership the o...

  Tony Pagliaroli
Strategy Consultant, United States

What is Brainstorming and what it is Not

Over the years, the word 'brainstorming' has taken...

  Sergio Leite
Analyst, Brazil

2 Tips for Managers who'd like to do a Brainstorming before a Major Decision

- Even in a brainstorming session the facilitator ...

  Ryan Sardon
Consultant, Peru

2 more Tips for Brainstoming to Prepare an Important Decision

- Keep people motivated during the session is key ...

  Sheajad Bhayani
Student (MBA)

Brainstorming with a Little Extra

Osborn's brainstorming is good. But we can add our...

Manager, India

Brainstorming for Management only

So many reactions from various countries! This its...

  Radha Raj

Moderator Conducting Brainstorming Sessions Should Be Open to Suggestions

The moderator should have excellent communication ...

Consultant, India

Qualities of a Moderator for Effective Brainstorming

@Radha Raj : I agree with you. A moderator is a p...

  Solomon Trevor Mokadi
Manager, China

Brainstorming and Problem Solving

My take on this topic is that you need a balanced ...

Teacher, India

Heterogeneity in Brainstorming Sessions

@Shankar: heterogeneity lies at the heart of any b...

  Nayomi Kankanamge
Student (University), Sri Lanka

In Brainstorming, Qualified Team Members are Essential

When doing brainstorming it is essential to select...

Manager, India

Accountability for Suggestions: Reverse Responsibility

I refer to the last paragraph of the orginal comme...

  robert trowhill
Consultant, Canada

Blindsiding Behavior and Accountability in Brainstorming

It is often the case that the key decision maker(s...

Consultant, India

Accountability in Brainstorming

@Robert, according to my view, brainstorming as we...

  Rob Bikoko
ICT Consultant, Zimbabwe

Brainstorming versus the Actual Decision Choice

My take is while we observe the fundamental rules ...

Consultant, India

Constraints in Brainstorming (Decsion-making) Process

@Rob Bikoko : I agree with your steps for a perfec...

HR Consultant, Trinidad and Tobago

Brainstorming Though Useful, Can Be Time-consuming

Wow! What an "avalanche" of thoughts/ideas. This...

  Jamil Adil
Manager, Pakistan

Brainstorming Missing Aspects

@Robert Trowhill: excellent point Robert. One shou...

Director, India

Brainstorming and Decision Making

We are living in an age, with newer bottles and sa...

  Gary Wong
Consultant, Canada

We are Living in an Age of Feedback Loops

@Pradeepbajaj: My version of the three stages is: ...

  Javier Elenes
Business Consultant, Mexico

Brainstorming Shall Be Used to Find Out HOW we Could do Things

Brainstorm could be used to enrich HOW to do thing...


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