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Conditions for Brainstorming
Gowthami, India, Member
A good brainstorming session is possible only if all the participants are:
1. Respecting each other and
2. Follow the etiquette of discussion, i.e. listening to the others without interrupting them when they are speaking.

Conditions for Brainstorming: Moderator
Alexander N. Raikov, Director, Russian Federation, Member
Participants of brainstorming may be unfamiliar, but they must respect the opinions of others. Discussions must be:
3. Supported by a moderator. This is especially important in electronic brainstorming, where participants are located far from each other. In this case the order of discussion should be very formalized.

@2: Etiquette of Brainstorming
Abdulhameed Hamdi Assayid, Teacher, Saudi Arabia, Member
I appreciate following the etiquette of discussion when brainstorming.
But should I interrupt a person if he/she is talking with a low voice or with vague expressions or words?
In this case should I ask him/her to speal louder or to be more explicit?

@3 Moderator Importance
Gowthami, India, Member
When a brain storming session is going on, the participants can object other people's opinions after they complete their expression. But in case if the speaker voice is not audible, or when others are not getting the expression or intention of the speaker, the moderator has to observe the session status from time to time and he can suggest the speaker to speak loud or to give more clarity.
In case the moderator is not present for a session then the participants can directly suggest it to the speaker. But if a brainstorming session is held without presence of a moderator there are more chances of failure because a lot of fuss and commotion is likely to be created. Remember that the participants of brainstorming sessions may not always be subject experts and highly experienced people. In such cases the need to have a moderator to control the session is compulsory.

@2 How to Maintain Brainstorming Etiquette
Alexander N. Raikov, Director, Russian Federation, Member
Interruption is not normally advisable if you want to boost the creativity of participants. But it depends on situation. For example, if a participant raises his voice, if he is not sure of his rightness, or if he/she speaks very long. Then the moderator is better to interrupt this participant in the form of announcements of general rules or do it as a joke.

@2 Conditions for Brainstorming > Active Listening
Adedayo Rilwan Olayemi, Student (MBA), United Kingdom, Member
@Gowthami: Participating in brainstorming session involves active listening and a good listener will be a good quality participant in brainstorming. I totally agree with your view and comment.

Our Mind is in the 'Hurry Up and Listen' Mode
Lori Maxey, United States, Member
Listening is key; we tend to be in a hurry in listening and want to express our own idea before we forget it, or someone else thinks of it first.
I find it irritating to be cut off in my expression of an idea. I do my best to respect other persons and fully listen to their idea. And if it's similar or the same as mine, I will express support of the idea.

Special Interest Group Leader
Jeremy Lu

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