The Role of HR in Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

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Davor Markota
Management Consultant, Croatia

The Role of HR in Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

We already know BPR is not about IT only. But I'd like to find out what can or should be the role of HRM (Human Resource Management) in effective BPR implementations?
Thanks for sharing your thoughts...


Kenneth Salazar Saenz
Entrepreneur, Costa Rica

Importance of HRM to Pursue Effective Business Process Reengineering

HRM has a big role in BRP since it cannot be conceived as a department for payroll/administration only:
- HR holds together all vital activities in the organization such as Recruitment, Training, Organizational and Personal Development and therefore everything that has to do with Analysis and Description of Jobs to foresee a structured reengineering (or new positions) taking into consideration what inputs and resources (financial/non financial) the company counts on and this includes close collaboration and communication with IT.
- Also HR is involved in motivation, organizational climate, incentives, etc., to attract new fresh candidates and to transfer the current ones into new ways of working.
- HR must comprehend and propagate that people are the highest most valuable asset of an organization, so it is imperative that they get the best working environment and the best tools to perform in an optimal way.

Teacher, Nigeria

Importance of HRM in BPR

I am not a HR expert, but for sure HRM is important in getting the best qualified personnel to get t... Sign up


HRM in BPR as Strategic Department to Facilitate Management

HRM is a fundamental part if you want BPR to be efficient. - In BPR, you typically need to look acr... Sign up

Consultant, Netherlands

The Strategic Role of HRM

Nowadays, most elements of the marketing mix can be changed in the blink of an eye: price, suppliers... Sign up

Management Consultant, Netherlands

HRM Role in the BPR Process

BPR has a massive impact on the organization of work and the tasks of the employees. The changes hav... Sign up

Josephat Olwal Ngesah

Requirements for HR People in BPR

These are definitely good insights into the role of HRM in BPR initiatives. Perhaps, I can add that... Sign up

Lecturer, Malaysia

Role of HRM in Business Process Re-Engineering

The human factor is considered an influential critical success factor for improvement projects, so a... Sign up

Arshad Ali, Pakistan

HR Understanding of Business Process

In BPR, HR people should have a very good understanding of the old and new business process. The rol... Sign up

Horacio Cortese
Consultant, Argentina

Champion Role for HR Managers in BPR

HR has to be the champion in the Business Process Reengineering, because in the last 20 years of thi... Sign up

Ivan Kohlinsky
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

HR's Role in BPR

HR definitely needs to be involved in any BPR project both at the START and DURING the development o... Sign up

Joseph Cole
Business Consultant, Canada

Strategic Role of HRM in BPR

I agree with many of the comments listed about HR's traditional 'transactional' and 'training & deve... Sign up

Jerome, South Africa

HRM and BPR in the Business

HRM is a vital link in any organisation. This however also depends very much on how the management v... Sign up

Davor Markota
Management Consultant, Croatia

Expanded View to BPM

Thanks to you all for your comments. It is clear for all of us that HRM is in the focus of the BPR a... Sign up

Sainey Ceesay
Financial Consultant, Gambia

HRM: Roles in BPR

Excellent pieces on HRM! - From a Resource Based View (RBV) point of view, organizations can be abl... Sign up

Lafayette Howell
Director, United States

Practical Value for HR to Accelerate Change

HR is essential to BPR or any other transformation or change initiative. Here are some factors to co... Sign up

Leslie Gaskins
Business Consultant, United States

The Role of HR in the BPR Process

This is a good question that needs more attention by HR professionals. Before answering the questio... Sign up

Sudhir Kumar Pant
Consultant, India

Role of HRM in BPR

HRM plays an important role in organizational structuring, as well as in identifying competencies re... Sign up

Basil Pollyn
Teacher, Nigeria

Role of HRM in BPR

It's obvious that the success or failure of any organization rests with its people. They are pointer... Sign up

Trustlord Marecha
Director, South Africa

Role of HRM in BPR

BPR does not function elsewhere outside HRM. But HR personnel also need reengineering so they keep t... Sign up

James Onyango
Management Consultant, Rwanda

The Role of HR Managers in BPR

Also throughout my management career spanning over 25 years, my experience is that BPR succeeds wher... Sign up

Mary Laniyan
Management Consultant, Nigeria

Role of HRM in BPR

In addition to all the valuable contributions on BPR, even small improvements (Kaizen) inevitably in... Sign up

Joseph Cole
Business Consultant, Canada

Role of HRM and BPR

@Leslie Gaskins: Leslie your comment about the HR 'profession' limitations is so true. I am a Change... Sign up

Josephat Olwal Ngesah

Role of HRM in BPR and BSC

This debate is becoming sweeter as more and more contributions come along. Indeed, the aim of BPR li... Sign up

Paul Martins
Management Consultant, Nigeria

The Role of HRM in Effective BPR Implementations

HRM has a very vital role to play towards ensuring successful BPR implementations by dispensing appr... Sign up

Davor Markota
Management Consultant, Croatia

The Role of HR in BPR and other Improvement Efforts

A few weeks ago there was a conference about the Lean approach held in Zagreb, Croatia. It was stat... Sign up

AJ Visser
Consultant, South Africa

The Role of HR in BPR Process

@Leslie Gaskins's response was probably the best to read. I just have one additional comment to make... Sign up


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