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Pratapsingh Randhawa
Interim Manager, India

Personal Business Process Reengineering?

Would anyone help me with one doubt here, can the concept of BPR be implemented in anyone’s personal life to have a radical change? Or is BPR specifically for business need only?

  Suresh Gopal
Management, India

Rather PR than BPR? Or even PPR?

Business process reengineering, by the name itself, means only for business. But, in general, Process Reengineering can be applied for any discipline where there is a process (or which could use a process) which I would presume includes personal life also. I believe that the efficiency and survival is the bottom-line for any process reengineering.
In personal life, the individual's and the community's acts are guided by several stated / unstated / derived / perceived processes which always can use some optimization / transformation to align with the ever changing needs. You can call this PPR (Personal Process Reengineering)?

  Pratapsingh Randhawa
Interim Manager, India

Personal Process Reengineering

Thank you! Suresh.. I was looking something simila (...)

  Ove Sahlin
Management Consultant, Sweden

PPR = Wonderful!

Very good Mr. Gopal! I totally agree but would lik (...)

  Erik van den broecke

Personal Process Optimization

Dear Mr Pratapsingh Randhawa, your question "Can t (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Personal Process Optimization

@Erik van den broecke: Hi Erik, sounds really inte (...)

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Personal Business Process Reengineering?
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