BPR is needed in Ethiopia

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Fikir Abere, Ethiopia

BPR is needed in Ethiopia

I believe BPR is an important change management tool. It is a radical tool. You can't help or solve all the bureacratic mess created on customers with any other tools - be it Kaizen , TQM, etc.
That is why the Government of Ethiopia at all levels is using this tool to fight bureacracy and bring dramatic improvements in public service delivery.

  Tsegay Tafere, Ethiopia

BPR in Ethiopian Government

I feel that BPR is a panacea for the kind of sickness like the Ethiopian bureaucratic system is in. As the country is striving to get out of where she is now, it is a true means or tool to fundamentally rethink the status quo and bring dramatic improvement.
To this effect, I suggest that it has to be done with good knowledge. However, BPR is not rocket science. One should not be a top notch scientist in management in order to engage in it.
I believe that it is the pain that is the main driving force in reinventing the obsolete work process.
When I think of how it started, it was in the actual work and by the actual leaders of businesses with the intention of creating a responsive system. I don't think those people had been fully knowledgeable with BPR or so.

  Tamiru Zerihun, Ethiopia

BPR-the remedy

I believe that especially the poorest countries, like Ethiopia, can benefit from the BPR effort and output if they are able to carry it out wisely. As a radical mechanism it is the only way to pull t...

  El Cubano Chino, Ethiopia

Successful BPR countries?

From the current job culture our country Ethiopia can make a difference by establish a BPR. But it is useful if we stand positively (BPR leader, participants) and are knowledgeable of the process, so ...

  Terefe, Ethiopia

BPR in Ethiopia needs an attitude / mental change but keep politics out!

BPR is the most important factor for Ethiopia to bring radical change or development, because BPR needs an attitude / mental change in all aspects, but it is not politics. However to implement BPR f...

  Wondwosen Hailu, EthiopiaECS

BPR is Useful Now and Then for any Country

It is essential for any organization and country in some time interval like 20 to 25 years to conduct BPR. This will help them to assess the effectiveness and the connectivity between business units w...

  Endris Umer, Ethiopia (EMI)

BPR is the best tool for most of our problems in Ethiopia

The extent and depth of bureaucracy in Ethiopian civil service organization is sometimes unbelievable. So BPR is, in my opinion, the best tool to start with. However, it needs honest actions. Are we r...

  Dejenie Nigusie, Ethiopia

Bahir Dar Univeristy will be a best model

The need of change in Ethiopian higher institutions is unquestionable and BPR is the best option to bring the desiered change. So let's be optimist and work together....

  Abiyot, Ethiopia

BPR in Ethiopia is Missing ICT Infrastructure

BPR is the a fine tool in some business areas and in those countries which have ICT infrastructures. However, here in Ethiopia where we don't have ICT infrastructure, applying BPR to ALL businesses is...

  Abebe Bikila, Ethiopia

BPR in Ethipia is abused

BPR is politicized in Ethiopia and abused and I think that it won't bring about any change. Rather a political frustration between the government and the people....

  mahetem merawi
Coach, Ethiopia

BPR in Ethiopia has Shown Improvement

BPR is implemented in different parts of the country. So far especially in Addis Ababa city at administration level, offices have already studied their processes and implemented for the last 1 and a h...

Management Consultant, Singapore

First BPR Improvements in Ethiopia

@Mahetem Merawi: maybe you could share some metrics used, and improvements achieved so far. That would be really helpful to support the Ethiopian BPR effort. Thanks....


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