CASE: Objects are Blocking Access at Work

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CASE: Objects are Blocking Access at Work
Hans Havelaar, Member
Hello, I am struggling to find the principle behind a particular situation.
So, here are the facts:
1. One day I arrive at work and go to see the boss. He is in his room and has some objects left on the floor (e.g., candies). So I can't enter without picking up the candies and putting them somewhere to avoid to step on them. But then the boss said: "Stop don't touch this, I am doing an experiment. I have to see who notices this on the floor". What's this? Why? And what does it mean?
2. Another day I arrive at the workplace. The boss was around. The path to my workplace is blocked by a recycle bin which was put in the middle of the path without any apparent reason. It had never been there. I asked why the bin is there? No answer. I remove it.
So, these are the two situations.
I did a bit of research and it could be it is related to some HR principle. But I couldn't find something clear. Can someone help me to identify what is behind all of this?
Thanks beforehand for any hints!

Blocking Objects in the Office
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
Strange. Perhaps these experiments could be empowerment-related or bottom-up-related and your boss might be trying to assess how much initiative (to improve things at work) certain people are taking without being told to do so?

Either Initiative or Dementia
Brett E Holdeman, SIG Leader
I agree with Jaap, Hans. I think the boss may be interested in who will take notice and act, as opposed to who will act nonchalantly and ignore the items being used as obstacles or distractions. I'm no expert on HR by any means, but cannot imagine this type behavior would be an HR tool, unless it was as Jaap suggests, to gauge who cares enough to pick up or move obstacles rather than let them lie as they're found. You'll have to let us know what you ultimately find out, and in the meantime, we wish you luck!



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