Bottom Up Approach is a Product of the Holistic Concept of Management

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Bottom Up Approach is a Product of the Holistic Concept of Management
Gabriel Femi Adewara, Member
A holistic approach to management would of necessity incorporate the lowest rungs of the workforce in the management process. This would be because effective management denotes unity, i.e. shared values and shared responsibilities. That being so, the bottom up approach is a strategic move perceived by top management as absolutely required for management excellence. It is however, not necessarily a self-serving approach, but more of a cultural and transformational imperative. This general understanding was given effect to in the investment bank I worked for up to 2005, by grouping or organising the entire workforce into three cultural/excellence teams/committees - the Transformational Team; the Quantum Leap Team and the Executive Committee (ExCo).

I Like this Holistic Approach to Management
Brett E Holdeman, SIG Leader
I agree with that management assessment, Gabriel! To better the organization is for the benefit of all, not just those at the top. And improving things for the least of these is a wise investment in their well-being and buy-in to the organization for the long term. Kudos to that forward-looking management team!

Corporate Humility Drives Holistic Approach for Sustainable Benefits
Gabriel Femi Adewara, Member
It is becoming clearer, Brett, that without corporate humility, the benefits of the holistic approach may not be quite realized, in a sustainable way.
What is Corporate Humility?
At the general level, it is that corporate attitude, emanating from and through the 'tone at the top' which primes the entire organization as a learning entity more than as an already accomplished or fulfilled one.
To the specifics of it, top management must set a tone of openness to new ideas and acceptance of help or support from any level of the organization or in fact from anywhere. And this must be consistently practiced until top management dumps its know-it-all toga. Top management must come down frequently and consistently from its high horse of superior knowledge and shed off the slightest whiff of arrogance.
In this connection, what I have observed is that as soon as an arrogant management succeeds a humble one, the gains of the holistic approach already harnessed begin to be frittered.

Humility is Key
Brett E Holdeman, SIG Leader
Yes, sir, Gabriel, if the top leaders have no humility, it will show and be detrimental to the organization's goals. I've seen this firsthand in the local VA (Editor: = Veterans Affairs) hospital, with arrogant leadership thinking basically "my way or the highway", and it continually gets them in hot water. Cars stolen from the parking lot adjacent to a very busy thoroughfare, drug-dealing in the parking lot, social workers making fun of Vietnam veterans as drug-dependent and suicidal which went viral, and a VA policeman charged with excessive violence to a veteran patient. I eagerly await the day when VA realizes its faults regarding humility and becomes more like their sister organization, the Department of Defense. I'm glad you, too, see how much better things can be with a little humility, as opposed to arrogance!


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