When Should we Use the Extended Marketing Mix (7Ps) instead of the Traditional Marketing Mix (4Ps)?

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When Should we Use the Extended Marketing Mix (7Ps) instead of the Traditional Marketing Mix (4Ps)?
Basically you could just go away with the 4Ps even when it comes to the services, however just having those 7Ps in mind is a good idea, but its not really something to focus on.
The Physical Evidence falls into the Place, since there are no real distribution when it comes to services.
People... well the marketing mix is made to satisfy people's needs and wants so it could even be in the 4Ps, why adding it in the 7Ps? It's just like bolding it to make sure you get that right but still People are involved in the whole process one way or another.
Process: Ok that is probably the only one that deserves to be added on the 4P of the "normal" marketing mix.
So yeah, once again, is there a real need of those 7P?
ps: "Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performence" is still the best 7P ~!

Marketing Mix
Nilesh Mandole
I think there is need of extending marketing Ps because physical evidence is a necessity just like people and process.

4Ps vs 7Ps
Physical evidence in place? Surely physical evidence is more a measure of your position as a brand, than how your place your products? Within positioning and the Marketing Audit I'd say - so still not in the 4Ps. People I also see differently, as an internal measure, of what you can and can't do, whilst this can be a Marketing tool, it is not a true P either, as it effects the Marketing mix, rather than being a part of it. You may use your people in your promotions, indeed your people may effect where you can place your products, but people are not an indepedent factor of the Marketing mix. Finally Process - this is a tricky one as perhaps it does fit - or rather it doesn't but interaction does, and interaction could be phrased as a buying process - customer servcie and salespeoples handling of enquiries etc. this element is a part of the marketing mix, having the fastest response time, the most helpful information etc.

Physical evidence not the same as place
If physical evidence falls into one of the p's it would be Product, as when developing a product in the service industry you must pay attention to how it will differ to its competitors. For example a restaurant as an augmented product and its elements: aural, visual, olfactory and tactile, definetely needs a lot of attention. Since the standards for service industry have gone up increasingly, People has been taken into the marketing mix as it makes a competitve advantage itself.

4Ps is the Basis
You can add other and more Ps as Politics, Prudence and so on, but I suppose all additional Ps other than the 4Ps will be just an illustration of the basic 4Ps.

First Vision and Strategy, then the P's
Ahmad dawoud, Manager, Jordan, Member
It does not matter how many P's we have, as long as we do understand the whole picture and vision of our business. If we focus more we may find many other P's, but the question is are we implementing or applying the P's we have after understanding our business and market and the environment we are working in.

3 Extra P's Are Welcome
Luiz Araujo, Manager, Portugal, Member
Yes I agree to add some more P's.
People on services are the most important
Process also something which influences the customer's satisfaction
Physical evidence the tangible on services regarding the place itself, and all other support material: catalogues, samples, furniture etc.

Rename 'Extended Marketing Mix' to 'Marketing Mix'
Tahir Mumtaz Awan, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Usually the marketing mix for services includes 7 Ps. If we consider the present market conditions, without services even a tangible product is of no use.
So instead of naming the 7 Ps the 'extended marketing mix', we should call it simply 'marketing mix'.
Marketing books should include the former extended or new marketing mix under the heading of marketing mix. And the concept of 4 Ps should be represented under the heading "marketing mix in the past" or similar.

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