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Gerard Leigh, United Kingdom

Techniques for Real Dialogue in Organisations

How does one get people to see the difference between advocacy and dialogue? Many conversations that take place in organisations are designed to have (or at least result in having) a winner i.e. "My argument or idea is better than yours…", or "I am more senior, therefore we'll do it my way".
I am interested in techniques that people have used to help people see the benefits of real dialogue.


Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Tools to Appreciate Dialogue

Hi Gerard, when I read your question in my mind immediately the 6 Thinking Hats method came up so that is why this discussion was moved to this knowledge center.
A particular strong point of 6TH for your purpose is that in a typical workshop all participants are invited to switch perspective (orientation, point of view) collectively and simultaneously.
As a result, various perspectives can be explored in-depth, while advocacy too early on in the process is avoided.

Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

True Dialogue for Change to Happen

We all have backgrounds and we speak based on our earlier experiences. Maybe the tendency to lean to... Sign up

Roland Alech
Consultant, France

Keep Focused on the Purpose of the Dialogue?

My way is to keep everybody focused on "what do we try to achieve?", i.e. the desired result. Dialo... Sign up

Johan Roels
Consultant, Belgium

Tools for Crucial Dialogues

Hi Gerard, I've written a book (in Dutch language) that encompasses all the techniques I have used i... Sign up

Bernhard Keim
Business Consultant, Germany

Conflict Between One's Role and Objective of Discourse

Modern philosophy might help on the topic. The German philosopher Jürgen Habermas emphasizes that tr... Sign up

Johan Roels
Consultant, Belgium

Conflict Between Roles and Goals

@Bernhard Keim: That's exactly one of the characteristics: in true dialogue there should be no hiera... Sign up

Katie Pawley MBA
Consultant, United States

Many Interesting Perspectives on Real Dialogue in Organisations

This is an interesting and necessary discussion, very relevant. I have read and am considering this ... Sign up

melchiorre calabrese
Manager, Italy

Techniques for Dialogue in Organizations

I think that you have all done good reflections about the topic proposed by Gerard Leigh. We can sum... Sign up

Justine Bradney
Consultant, Papua New Guinea

Value Perspective

Hi Gerard, If you are after dialogue, then valuing the perspective of others is a way to go. This ... Sign up


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