Can Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Improve Thinking?

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Can Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Improve Thinking?
Gary Wong, SIG Leader
Suggestions have been made to use psychological instruments such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as an aid in resolving business arguments with difficult people.
The aim of MBTI is to identify the basic preferences of people in regard to perception and judgment. Perception involves all the ways of becoming aware of things, people, happenings, or ideas. Judgment involves all the ways of coming to conclusions about what has been perceived.
In Six Thinking Hats, the objective is to encourage people to be able to think equally well under all hats.
Let's explore what knowing a person's MBTI preferences might tell you about the way he or she thinks. Consider me as an example. I am an ENTJ.
1. What assumptions will you make before entering into a business argument with me?
2. What are the benefits and value of your knowing my type? How will it help you understand me?
3. What are the dangers and risks? How might it close your mind about me?
4. If we only had 10 minutes together, would you use a Blue > Yellow > Black > Red > Blue hat sequence to manage our thinking? Or something different because you know I am an ENTJ?

MBTI Offers Minimal Thinking Value
Gary Wong, SIG Leader
The following excerpts are from Edward De Bono's book Think! Before It's Too Late:
"Measurement is objective. Measurement is the basis of all sciences; measurement is the difference between science and myth.
Psychology was in a hurry to prove that it was a real science like all the others. This meant measurement. So Psychology became obsessed with measurement, with various tests and scales. That obsession remains - from IQ tests to Myers-Briggs personality judgements. The outcome of these measurements is to put people into categories and boxes - introvert or extrovert; intuitive or judgemental - and thereafter they imprison themselves in the indicated box.
Once again, this has been descriptive, with very little design of operational thinking tools."
While MBTI may help you build a better relationship, its value is limited in improving the quality of thinking.



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Gary Wong

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