Resolving a Business Argument

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Resolving a Business Argument
Gary Wong, Consultant, Canada

We've all been in arguments, such as when one person wants to proceed with something, but the other wants to stop.
A resolution requires empathic listening, the ability to put yourself in the "other person's shoes" and view an issue from the other's perspective.
A business argument...Here's how a Six Thinking Hats Short Sequence can be used for 2 persons / parties. The hat sequence is: blue > yellow > black > red > blue.
1. Blue hat: let's agree together to look at the pros and cons of the options (in this example, proceeding and stopping.)
2. Yellow hat: now let's both list the benefits of each option. Listen to each other and work to build a list together.
3. Black hat: now let's both list the risks/faults of each option. Again listen and work together.
4. Red hat: check for changes in feelings. Listen for clues like: "oh, now I und... Register

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Resolving a Business Argument
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Resolving a Business Argument
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Resolving a Business Argument
melchiorre calabrese, Manager, Italy
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Very interesting article.
I once experienced ...

Resolving a Business Argument
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Resolving a Business Argument
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Resolving a Business Argument
Vachu Kabbinale, Student (MBA), India
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Resolving a Business Argument
Ranjan, Director, India
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Gary, congrats for this good initiative... It is a...

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Resolving a Biz Argument
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Resolving a Business Argument
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Thank you very much to all who answered my query. ...


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