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Rohit Singh

Telecom Example of Six Thinking Hats

If a live subject can be discussed so that it is more clear how to use the Six Hat Thinking. May be some case from Telecom Industry. Thanks...

  Gary Wong
Consultant, Canada

Dealing with a Service Outage

An example in the telecom industry would be the I&R (installation and repair) workers using 6th to restore service during an outage. Troubleshooting is an intuitive skill that relies on learned practices based on past experiences. What each worker on the crew has to offer needs to be properly organized otherwise a free-for-all discussion breaks out.
The crew leader would facilitate the process using a short 2-5 minute hat sequence:
Blue hat: What's the problem? Who's involved? Who's here to help?
White hat: What do we know? What don't we know? What past experiences do we have that seem similar?
Green hat: What are the possible faults? Fixes?
Red hat: Let's use our gut-feel and pick one to start.
Six Thinking Hats provides a structured, disciplined approach for trouble crews. It allows everyone the opportunity to be heard. Then the final decision is made by the crew leader.

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Gary Wong

Six Thinking Hats
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