Practical Situational Leadership Examples

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Ahmad, UAE

Practical Situational Leadership Examples

Who can illustrate the use of different styles of leaderships with a simple example? Thanks!


Rohana Kahaduwa Kankanamge

Examples of Use of Situational Leadership Styles

Can anyone describe a simple situation experienced as a leader or a follower where situational leadership styles were used? Many thanks...


Examples of Situational Leadership

Here are a few simple examples of adjusting your style as a leader:
  1. A toddler (very young infant) is learning to walk. At first, the parent will guide the toddler and even help him. However, as he grows, the parent has to just monitor, and let him choose his path. As he makes further progress, the infant learns to walk on his own, and the parent will not need to either direct or monitor him.
    Likewise, with training and motivation, a subordinate will improve, and according to the changing situation, the leader has to change his style―being less directive over time.
  2. An emergency room in a hospital. The leader of such room has to be quite authoritative. In situations of acute emergency, there is no time for extensive debates and the leader has to direct his subordinates clearly and firmly, using all her/his skills and expertise. Similarly in a war situation, the military commander might have to direct the troops to follow a particular strategy, in case the situation demands it.
  3. A manager has a particular assignment to complete. However, another important task arises that requires him/her to be present. She/he may choose to assign that task to a competent associate. In this case, he/she needs to 'delegate' the work, and show complete trust, without interfering in the style of working of the associate.

❗Editor: as explained below by Anonymous and @Jaap de Jonge, only example #1 is a pure example of Situational Leadership as per Blanchard/Hersey.

halima el ghrari
Teacher, Morocco

Situational Leadership Classroom Exercises

@Anonymous: Yes, the examples given are good, but how could a teacher practice them in a classroom o... Sign up

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Practicing Situational Leadership

@Halima el ghrari: Is a classroom with that many students suitable for practicing situational leader... Sign up


The Examples 2+3 are not that Great

Example 2. Goes no further than decision making these leaders tell only what to do when - not how. I... Sign up

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Examples 1, 2 and 3 of 'Situational Leadership'

@Anonymous: I agree. We have to be extremely careful here with how we use the term "situational lead... Sign up


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Situational Leadership
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