Why are People Missing Certain Behaviors?

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Why are People Missing Certain Behaviors?
Zacharia Marimo, Member
Why is there an absence of certain behaviours at the expense of others?
This should probably be traced back to parental upbringing as one fundamental institution that provides nature and nurture variables to the person.
It could be a born, genetic factor or something that lacked or was missing during the childhood. Depriviation of some sort leads to absence of some (required) behaviours.

Why People are Missing Certain Behaviors
mccarthy, Member
I suggest you read a books called 'Bounce' by Syed or 'Talent is Overrated' by Colwin. In complex tasks it has nothing to do with nature or DNA or some divine spark to where certain people excel and other don't.
I assume you mean behaviours that occur in people who achieve something positive and affirming that could be looked at as either exemplary or even iconic.

7 Reasons for Absence of Certain Behaviour
Samuel Mokiri Ngirimo, Member
Besides 1. genetic reasons, absence of some type of behavior can be due to 2. cultural or 3. religious factors, or it can be a matter of 4. family behaviors and/or how children were brought up.
It can also be due to (lack of) 5. learning system in their community or country. Some children (especially girls in certain countries) are not being sent for education, and 6. have to remain at home as a source of income, and are forced into an unwanted marriage.
It can be also due to to 7. social circumstances in the country or in the community that do not allow other behaviors to develop, such as life disasters, famine, war and poverty, where people only look to save their live.

Absence of Certain Behaviour
Charles P. Keith, Member
In the end, antecedents* initiate behavior. A behavior is missing because the antecedent is missing.
Keep in mind that the antecedent must be recognized by the individual for it to prompt a response/behavior.
For example, if a cultural norm is for girls to stay at home and not go to school, those girls get few, if any antecedents that prompt them to seek out schooling.
There are exceptions in all cases, but I suggest that the missing behavior is the symptom and not the problem.
In conclusion, a missing behavior is because of a missing antecedent (real or recognized).
* Editor: an antecedent is a preceding occurrence, experience, cause, event, etc.

Why Certain Behaviors Can be Absent
Samuel Mokiri Ngirimo, Member
Absence of certain behavior also depends on how a person was brought up in his/her family, and how they interact within their community, how they cope with community situation, and norms, that exist in the community.
The absence can be due to war that do not give them time for education, or certain cultures that do not allow girls to go for school in certain tribes in South Sudan where they depend on girls as source of income example the culture in cattle owners.


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