Calculating Nt-1 in Bass | Calculating m, p and q in the Bass Model

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Calculating Nt-1 in Bass | Calculating m, p and q in the Bass Model
Tatiana, Russia
How do you calculate Nt-1 in the Bass formula?

Voytech, Germany
Nt-1 cannot be calculated. Usually it is given, since it represents the cumulative number of adopters so far (incl. period n-1). It is the base for your estimations of p,q and m. Once you have those p,q,m values, you can calculate Nt, Nt+1 and so on that will converge to m.

Calculating Nt-1
Ram, India
Hi, Nt-1 stands for the total number or the cumulative number of consumers who have already adopted the product. For example, you might have data for weeks 1-10 of the product launch. Then the total number of consumers who have purchased the product till week 10 = Nt-1. Hope this helps.

Calculating other factors
Nick, Sweden
Hi! How can you calculate the other factors, I mean m, p and q - can I use regression analyse in SPSS software?

Siy, U.S
Hey, I also want to know how to calculate the p and q number. Or are there any factors will affect p and/or q, which should be included in the marketing decision making process, i.e. advertising budget? Thanks

Bass Curve Example
Richard, Malaysia
Who can give a full example of the Bass Diffusion Model with some assumptions as it appears to be a great model?

Calculating Nt in The Bass Model
Aditi Sharma, Student (MBA), India
I have all the other values except Nt.
If I have to calculate what will be the sales in the 4th year, how will I find it without having the value of Nt first?

How do You Calculate m, p and q in the Bass Model?
Samantha Buxton, Student (University), United Kingdom
How do you calculate the m, p and q for the Bass model? I know the total number of adopters and I have past data in which to base the model on. Can someone help me please?


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