What the Balanced Scorecard DOES Address and What NOT

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Teacher, Kenya

What the Balanced Scorecard DOES Address and What NOT

According to my experience, the balanced scorecard effectively deals with the 'hard side' of the organization, for example the financial performance (such as the turn over), the level of training, the quality and quantity of products.
However if fails to address the 'soft side' of an organization, such as causes of under performance, motivation of employees and organization indigenous factors e.g. internal politics.

  Samuel A Villegas Arvelo
Management Consultant, Venezuela

Extra Perspectives Can be Added

In my experience using the BSC during the last 5 years, it is a very effective tool to measure, report and "align" business perspectives and improvement initiatives. Extra perspectives (for example the soft sides of organizations) can be easily added to the traditional ones and you can also include the soft side of business in any kind of Strategy Map.

  Antonio Velasquez J.
Management Consultant, Peru

BSC and Soft Aspects

That's right. However if you put "figures" to the (...)


Satisfaction Surveys Round Out the Numbers

'Soft side' measures can be collected using staff (...)

  Shad Raza
Manager, India

BSC is a Speedometer

As we all know the BSC is a speedometer of busines (...)

  Bukekile Mashoko
Analyst, South Africa

What the BSC Measures and what it Does Not

I have little experience with using the BSC as a s (...)

  Peter Herbert

BSC Does Not Deal with Soft Aspects

All in all, we must conclude that Musazili is righ (...)

  Paul Maguire
Business Consultant, United States

The BSC Does Deal with Soft Aspects

I agree that the 'soft side' is often the most cha (...)

  Johnny Michael Tan
Management Consultant, Malaysia

Use 7S to Deal with Soft aspects in BSC

I agree soft aspects can be captured under learnin (...)

  Tayo Aduloju
CEO, Nigeria

It Depends on How it is Deployed

In a decade of application of the BSC, I have foun (...)

  Nelson Waweru
Manager, Kenya

BSC Addresses Both the 'hard' and 'soft' Sides of an Organization

@Shad Raza: I agree it all boils down to how the t (...)

  Yesheen Vibhakar
Strategy Consultant, India

Balanced Scorecard - Effectiveness in Addressing Soft Side

The word 'Balanced' in the BSC is the balance betw (...)

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