WHEN to Quit, Resign from your Job?

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Chloe Xu
Director, Australia

WHEN to Quit, Resign from your Job?

🔥NEW Our purpose of work will shift over time. When feeling stagnant, it is natural for us to think about having a change. At this time, we usually have two options: either redesign what we are doing now or get a new job. Yet, whether to leave a job that once offered us purpose is a big decision, and it requires us to think thoroughly. Coleman (2022) proposes 6 signs it's time to leave your job, indicating it's time to move on:
  1. I CANNOT GROW ANYMORE. We have been honing our craft in the workplace till it ceases to be a source of our growth. When we find the job no longer helps us grow, we can first try to reinvent it or make some changes within our working environment. But, if we have exhausted this path and cannot grow anymore in the profession, it might be time to move on.
  2. I HAVE ACHIEVED MY GOALS. Sometimes, we lack growth in our position because there is nothing left to inspire us. Thus, if we have achieved what has been set, we are ready for new challenges.
  3. I LOOK FOR WAYS TO AVOID MY JOB. When we start to procrastinate on what needs to be done in our work, it is time to take a temporary or even permanent break. A profession is something we approach with curiosity and anticipation, not avoidance.
  4. I FEEL EXHAUSTED, BURNOUT, AND DREAD WHEN APPROACHING WORK. If we experience this situation, we should consider changing the job or leaving it. Life is short and precious, and our work should enrich it.
  5. I DEVELOP BAD HABITS BECAUSE OF WORK. When a source we look to for purposes pull us further away from it and our values, we need to let it go. Never let a professional environment change us for the worse — particularly on our characters.
  6. THE WORK ENVIRONMENT HAS BECOME TOXIC. Some workplaces are harmful to our physical and mental health, and this should inspire us to seek something new. If we find ourselves in such an unenvitable position, we should move on.
Whenever we feel stagnated, re-conceiving our work and crafting it to be more purposeful is always the best first course to consider. But letting go of the old can refresh our life too and is allowing our purpose to change. So also consider make a bold move if you are in one or more of the above six situations.

Source: Coleman, J. (2022), "6 Signs It's Time to Leave Your Job", hbr.org/2022/02/6-signs-its-time-to-leave-your-job


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