How to Build Network Marketing?

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How to Build Network Marketing?
Who has any tips on how to build a network marketing initiative with a lot of people? How to recruit them?

How to Build Network Marketing
Adedokun, Member
1. Strategic vision - you need a vision to keep you driving to your future. Major benefits of network marketing are long term in nature.
2. People management skills - no boss/subordinate relationship; leadership in this environment is influence. This is also fundamental to team work which is critical to success in network marketing.
3. Network marketing literacy plan. You need this to distinguish between a scam and network marketing offer. You also need it to appraise the viability of the product offered by the company.
4. Your personal philosophy. It draws the line between network marketing leaders and laggards.
5. Connect, connect, connect. It's a business of people-to-people. The more persons you successfully connect for your business, the bigger and better your business becomes. "service to many leads to greatness.

Building a Large Network: Metcalfe's Law
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
Adding to #5 mentioned by Adedokun you should find a way to deal with Metcalfe's law (1993), which states that the approximate value (Va) of a (telecommunications) network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users (buyers [b] and sellers [s]) of the system, or
Va = (b + s)2
Freely translated it means the more users participate in your network, the more valuable your network will become. So size is everything in building networks. One way this law will affect you is that in the beginning it makes it extremely tough to compete against existing networks that already have lots of users.
Metcalfe's law is applicable to any network, including physical networks (telephones), communication networks (the Internet), advertising networks (Google), social networks (Facebook), and even learning networks such as 12manage.

Reach Out to the Potential Affiliate
I have been an affiliate manager for two years now. I believe that the best solution to recruit affiliates is to reach out to them. Using all the tools you need to discover the best affiliates from your competitors. You will need to broadcast your information on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Don't forget that you can launch an ad campaign on major affiliate forums such as and so on.


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