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Rudramani Dash
Teacher, India

Deception in Advertising

Deception in advertisement is prominently used by advertisers to influence the buying beliefs of customers. In 21st Century, customers have become more argumentative, cause-oriented and intellectual and they have changed their purchasing behavior but still many deceptive advertisements exist in various markets.
Claims made by advertiser such as "low fat", "rich in vitamins", etc still omnipresent to increase the chances of a sale. Often in such kind of advertisements claim-fact discrepancies exist but customers purchase anyhow.
Questions arise:
1) Are the customers being influenced by the advertisers so easily?
2) Are advertisements like the ones mentioned above influencing customers?
3) Are customers reluctant to raise their voice against such claims or don't they care at all?
4) Are customers not educated enough to analyse the claim-fact discrepancies?


Suku Mathews
Analyst, India

Advertising Deceptions and Marketing Hype

I was reading about the Ford Edsel case when I read about "deception in advertising". Don't we all ... Sign up

Walwyn Blackman, Barbados

Deception in Advertising Works Because Customers are Lazy

Customers, in general, are too lazy to make the effort to analyze the content of the ad and they lik... Sign up

Tambe Larry
Student (MBA), Brazil

Ignorant Markets and Sectors

Customer awareness is based on the market and sector in which the business operates. In some markets... Sign up

Stephen Sean Daral
Manager, Philippines

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) Principle in Commerce

Advertisements are made to inform and entice costumers to patronize the products. In all instances, ... Sign up

Timo Lahtinen, Finland

Deception in Advertising Always Backfires

Firstly, health-related claims in advertising are under tight official scrutiny in EU and the USA an... Sign up

Sanjay Verma
Business, Kenya

Consumer Gullibility is by Design and not by Default

Consumer gullibility (Editor: ~easy to be fooled) is by design and not by default. Advertising and ... Sign up

Sushil Bhasin
Facilitator and Corporate Trainer, Educator, India

Dealing with Deception in Advertising is not Only the Responsibility of the Customer

It's the customer who is responsible for his act. He needs to ensure he verifies the claims before h... Sign up

Yemi Smith
Management Consultant, Nigeria

Adverts Serve the Advertisers

A lot of dollars are spent yearly, studying buyer / consumer behavior (now called 'consumer insight'... Sign up

Suku Mathews
Analyst, India

The Business World Rotates on the Pivot of Advertisements

It is through an advertisement that people begin to feel a need for even those goods of which they h... Sign up

Oscar Umeh
Strategy Consultant, Nigeria

Deception in Advertising causes a Bad Brand Reputation In the Market

I think a gullible consumer is only gullible out of curiosity. The failure of a product naturally wi... Sign up

Suku Mathews
Analyst, India

The Influence of Word-of-mouth and Social Networking on Deceptive Advertising

Consumer who have been fooled by faulty advertising will not purchase again. Therefore, repeat purch... Sign up

Sajid Ali
Student (University), Pakistan

Deception in Advertising is a Threat to the Goodwill of the Firm

Deception in advertisement is a great threat to the goodwill of the organization or firm. It can be ... Sign up

Victor Chipeta
Student (MBA)

Deception in Advertising Makes the Sick More Sick

Imagine, how many fake dealers of HIV/Aids drugs have made HIV/Aids patients become more sick throug... Sign up

Sushil Bhasin
Facilitator and Corporate Trainer, Educator, India

Advertising Word of Mouth

@Suku Mathews: I agree with this statement 100%. I have seen effectiveness of Twitter. Just one comp... Sign up

Feland, Nigeria

Deception in Advertising Causes Bad Brand Reputation in the Market

@Oscar Umeh: I agree completely with you. Most dissatisfied consumers will never be converted to buy... Sign up


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