Deception in Advertising

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Deception in Advertising
Rudramani Dash, Teacher, India

Deception in advertisement is prominently used by advertisers to influence the buying beliefs of customers. In 21st Century, customers have become more argumentative, cause-oriented and intellectual and they have changed their purchasing behavior but still many deceptive advertisements exist in various markets.
Claims made by advertiser such as "low fat", "rich in vitamins", etc still omnipresent to increase the chances of a sale. Often in such kind of advertisements claim-fact discrepancies exist but customers purchase anyhow.
Questions arise:
1) Are the customers being influenced by the advertisers so easily?
2) Are advertisements like the ones mentioned above influencing customers?
3) Are customers reluctant to raise their voice against such claims or don't they care at all?
4) Are customers not educated enough to analyse the claim-fact discrepancies?... Register

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