Listening Includes Non-Verbal Communication As Well !

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Listening Includes Non-Verbal Communication As Well !
Everest Turyahikayo, Member
Listening goes beyond words and should be extended to non-verbal communication. In some cases, the truth of what is being said lies in what is NOT said.
The listener should not only open his/her ears wide, but also all other senses to critically observe both the content of the message and the talking agent.

Active Listening and Body Language
Omar Mohamed Masumbuko, Member
Indeed active listening also requires observation of the body language.
Sometimes a different meaning can be deduced from the body language of the person talking, contrary to the verbal message he expresses.

Active Listening
X Mbane, Member
A wise man once said why do people have ears if they don't use them to listen. People use what is called selective listening they only listen to what they want to hear. Dr D. Schwartz in his book Think Big mentions that big people monopolize listening while small people monopolize talking. The sad reality is that if we don't listen we don't learn. An example: Gadaffi, had he listened to the pulse of the people of Libya, chances are that he would still be alive today.
Listening is important because it is by listening that you can put yourself into the speakers shoes. Dr. Nelson Mandela once said during the CODESA negotiations referring to his party members: what kind of leaders are you that you cannot see that the white South Africans are prepared to fight if you take away the springbok emblem from the rugby.
These are kind of people you need in life people that listens not only words but the emotions and unspoken words. The world is in turmoil because nobody wants to listen.



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