Listening Brings Success in People Management

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Listening Brings Success in People Management
sudhakaran, Professor, India, Member
Managing anything requires effective communication. Listening is an integral part of communication.
Speaking and writing we learn from childhood onwards. But in listening we rarely receive formal training.
But listening brings success, especially in people management....Sign up

Learning to Listen
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
Yes, listening is an art not taught, or easily learned. I personally seek the counsel of others if I'm not sure how to respond, in addition to ...Sign up

Listening Brings Success in People Management
Johnny Michael Tan, Management Consultant, Malaysia, Member
My favorite reference on communication skills with fresh graduates that I am conducting a workshop is this: "God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth, but mo...Sign up

Listening is a Good Way to Learn
Leonelli Fabio, Manager, Italy, Member
It's true, listening is very important in people management, but how to learn it? It's difficult and requires us to be quiet.
But it's a good wa...Sign up

Learning to Listen in Childhood
Wulf-Dieter Krueger, Teacher, Thailand, Member
According to my personal experience a good listener is trained at a very early age by music (listening/singing) by the parents. The 'window' fo...Sign up

Listening is an Effective Management Tool...
Anthony Belon, Entrepreneur, Malaysia, Member
... but listening to people is easily said than done.
The acid test of a good listener is the ability to swallow one's pride and admit on...Sign up

Admit you are a bad Listener!
Joy Tio, Student (Other), Philippines, Member
Yes, I agree with all of these posted comments. If there is one skill that needs to be developed among leaders and managers, it is that of listening.<...Sign up

Senior Managers Should Listen to Juniors
Dan Govender, Manager, South Africa, Member
Very often, senior managers do not listen to junior staff, thereby not taking in valuable information that could make a huge difference in the ...Sign up

The Importance of Being a Good Listener for Managers
COL SUNDER LALVANI, Coach, India, Member
There can be no denying the fact that active listening is a prerequisite for effective leadership & management.
Learning to be a good act...Sign up

Listening and Showing Respect as a Discipline for Effective Leaders
Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
The most effective leaders have learned that listening is a discipline where we consciously refrain from interrupting someone that is trying to make a...Sign up

Effective Listening is Respectful
alphonsus alhassan, CEO, Nigeria, Member
Yes, and when you listen well to a junior or senior person, it shows respect.
And when people know you respect them, they are ready to absorb you...Sign up

Listening May Require no Immediate Response
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
Listening can be demonstrated by summarizing what the person said. Listening should also involve arranging an environment with no interr...Sign up

Listening and Decision Making
Ole Lindseth
The process of making good and wise decisions is not always easy as many interests and needs must be taken into consideration.
Being willing to ...Sign up

Why Listening is Very Important for Managers
Sandra Motsilenyane, Botswana, Member
In most cases people do not really listen and often have no time to ponder on what has been said, we often only hear what we want to hear.
This i...Sign up

Let's Take Listening One Step Further
Ann Savage, Project Manager, Canada, Member
Not only do we need to listen to information/suggestions that are offered, we also have to learn to seek out the information from those who may lac...Sign up

Listening and Follow-through
Jessica D. Arbuthnot, Manager, United States, Member
Listening is definitely key to people management, but what follows is just as important. A manager must document the issues at hand and make sure he/s...Sign up

Listening Skills for Managers / Leaders
Ann Wallace, Business School Marketer, Barbados, Member
All that has been said so far is absolutely correct and if practiced would make for well run organisations. My observation is that the issue of lis...Sign up

Listen to Understand
ales trunk, Business Consultant, Slovenia, Member
Active listening is a prerequisite for empathic listening....Sign up

Active Listening is Needed for Teamwork
Maria Montero, Coach, Venezuela, Member
To achieve our goals we need to work with our team.
To work with our team we must become empathetic listeners.
Listen to others withi...Sign up

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