How to Create a Brand? The Brand Creation Process

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Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

How to Create a Brand? The Brand Creation Process

Brands and Branding are essential components of a successful business.
But more in detail, what attributes and properties combine to create a brand and is the creation process instantaneous or evolutionary?

  Bornwell Chipfiko, USA

Branding is a Cultivation of a Perception

Branding is pretty much the culture a company portrays to it's stakeholders, or the culture as perceived by stakeholders. Being all about culture, the process of establishing a brand is evolutionary. It can be communicated consciously or passively.

Consultant, India

Good Branding Creates a Good Brand

A good brand signifies an easily recognizable, favorable awareness when people see the brand image. To achieve that you a need well communicated brand icon, and a number of in house branding efforts such as creating customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, highlighting USPs in ad campaigns, innovations to differentiate your product and a highly effective team working toward these objectives with adequate resources allocated.
The brand creation process can be evolutionary when you consistently seek a brand creation path that is different and more efficient than the existing paths, the leadership prompting the team to think differently and test them in the field. The team should have a thorough knowledge of outside forces both in favor and against the product under brand creation to be able to think outside the box.

  Ranjeet Menon
Project Manager, India

Branding is the Result of Gaining Acceptance of People

I believe the first step to creating a brand is to have a product and a strategy that beats the constraints of Porter's ...

  Biplab Kumar Biswal
Teacher, India

How a Brand is Created

I don't think creating a brand is an instantaneous process rather it's an evolutionary process. Before a BRAND is create...

  Cosmas Phillip Mwaita
Student (MBA), Zimbabwe

Branding Process Starts with Attitude, Appeal and Character

The modern branding process starts with your attitude, appeal and character as the proprietor of whatever you want to cr...

  Hamad Al Sadd Al Ali
Student (MBA), United Arab Emirates

Brand is your Portfolio

Most of the inputs previously reached very close the ultimate definition of Brand. But Cosmas Philip is the only that si...

  ahmed magzoub ahmed
Business Consultant, Sudan

Branding must be a Continuous Process

Branding should be a continuous process - accompanied with excellence and quality to obtain maximum consumer satisfactio...

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Branding Process Steps

A really well designed brand will represent an organization"s internal culture, public offering, and experience; while c...

  Glenn Thompson
Strategy Consultant, United States

Branding also Involves Developing Demand

Brand rhymes with demand. Branding requires the development of a need or desire for the product created... This is perh...

  Biraj Kholkumbe
Director, India

Sustainable Brand Creation

Branding in the true sense is imbibing virtues and proving their existence over a long, sustainable period. Real brandin...

Professor, Mexico

How to Create a Brand

In the process of branding, it is necessary to include a good strategy of added value, not only in the product, it is ne...

  Olga Aros
Consultant, United States

Brand and Branding

Your brand represents the culture and strategic direction of the organization. The development of the brand includes ico...

  sam katz
United States

Branding in a Nutshell

In its essence, branding is the "promise you make to your customers, employees, and self." Hence, the experience/s that ...

  irwan sumadji
Professor, Indonesia

Brand and Branding

Brand is not just the name of the product, but the "meaning" of the product in the mind of the customers (and stakeholde...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Brands and Cultures

@Bornwell Chipfiko: There are numerous different, and often conflicting cultures in the World, but Coca Cola, Ford and ...

Coach, Madagascar

It's All About Choice

Let's assume for a moment that the process of creating a brand is the same for a person and for a product or company. T...

  Sulaiman Kyambadde
Business Consultant, Rwanda

Itís All About Consumers Developing Some Form of Attachment to the Product

Branding is all about enticing feelings and experiences connected with your product, and nurturing the attachment consum...

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Branding Process

@Sulaiman Kyambadde, Salams I agree with you, that nurturing attachment is essential. I also agree with your words - "I...

Consultant, India

Branding Process Develops Addiction

True, nurturing attachment can result in addiction. Such attachment level can come after prolonged satisfaction in the u...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Conclusions So Far on the Branding Process

We seem to agree that the branding process can be seen in a NARROW way as an instantaneous, creative marketing process o...

  ali ahamd
Management Consultant, Kuwait

Branding Mission

Branding is the process of creating identity, image and character for the business or the organisation. So far, it plays...

  Jagmohan Singh Sirari
Director, India

Branding for Creating Brand Loyalty

@Ramakrishnan: Your planning, strategy and process of branding must entirely focus on developing brand loyalty of custom...

  Hamad Al Sadd Al Ali
Student (MBA), United Arab Emirates

Branding is People Output, not Virtues

@ali ahamd:, with all due respect, there are so many brands in the world that it's not even close to a single virtue. Vi...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Creating a Brand

In my opinion, the question originally posed can be answered as follows: 1. A brand is an entity that has a set of qual...

Entrepreneur, Guatemala


We are developing a mathematic formula that describes the construction process of solid brands. The name of our process ...

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Brand Personality - Brand Mission

My humble reaction to @ali ahamd: In my opinion a brand has to be designed, structured and positioned using an effective...

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Branding Creation Process

I agree with ali ahamed janab. Here I recollect Mahatma Gandhi's saying in 7 deadly sins: 1. Wealth without work; 2. ...


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