McKinsey 7S in Fast Changing Environment: A DYNAMIC 7S Model?

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Hlalani Moyo
Student (University), Zimbabwe

McKinsey 7S in Fast Changing Environment: A DYNAMIC 7S Model?

Given that the business environment is changing all the time, what are the strengths and weaknesses of using the 7S Model in an organisation?
Is it necessary to update McKinsey’s model for current volatile times? How?

  Bob Sutton

Responsiveness in the Face of Rapid Changes

Greetings from volatile Guatemala :) In my opinion in the face of uncertainty and change we often react and forget to cover the fundamental bases. The 7S Model provides and reminds us about the key elements for success and provides a framework to research/reflect/review/and respond to change. It it not overly rigid when applied with vision. However keep it light and complete and respond to change - aligning all 7 elements for continued success.

  Nihad Almahrooq
Consultant, Saudi Arabia

Change Chain Reactions

The 7S Model offers a great outlook for laying down the prospective or ontology in creating change for a company. However a selective qualified team is outmost necessary, for adaptive change chain reactions happen.

Management Consultant, Russian Federation

Combine 7-S Model of McKinsey with Osterwalder

This model is outdated and requires conversion. Th (...)

  Dr Robin C Hesler

McKinsey 7S in Fast Changing Environment: a DYNAMIC 7S Model?

I think the model is flexible enough to use in a c (...)

  Dr. Vishal Dilip Chavan
Professor, India

The 7-S Model is the Hardware and Software of Every Business

The 7-S model with its 7 elements (all equally imp (...)

  Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

Adapting to Change with McKinsey’s 7-S Model

The McKinsey 7-S model consists of 7 interdependen (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Adapting to Change with Soft Elements

@Gandhi Heryanto: I agree with your categorization (...)

  RD Bertsch, MSM
Consultant, United States

Proper Diagnosis of the Organization

McKinsey's 7S Model can still be very effective. H (...)

  Bernard O
ICT Consultant, Kenya

The Role of Leadership in Bringing all 7 Elements Together

I think Leadership is what makes all this work. It (...)

  RD Bertsch, MSM
Consultant, United States

Leadership, Change and McKinsey’s Model

Bernard, I concur that leadership has everything t (...)

Professor, Mexico

Implementing McKinsey Model in Industries

It depends on the size of the organization and its (...)

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