Using McKinsey 7-S Model for Organizing Innovation

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G.J. van Beeck Calkoen
Coach, Spain

Using McKinsey 7-S Model for Organizing Innovation

I am interested in the application of the 7-S model on organizing innovation structurally in a company.
For instance: what are the choices available for each S, related to the environment of the company.
In other words: How do you link the 7S model to the challenge of making companies more innovative?

  Alfrid nDZIMANDE, South Africa

7S and Innovation

Success in / Lack of innovation is often related to morale. This could result from a Structure with too many layers, form a lack of Shared values, from the Style how people are managed, from Systems that are not efficient and so on.
You should present results in that format and use strategic values to add meaning.

  Walter Berns
Strategy Consultant, United States

Using McKinsey 7-S Model for Innovation

The first step in guiding a company towards innovation is making it part of the corporate values i.e. Shared values, which are at the center of the 7-S system.

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

8 Attributes of Excellent Companies

Peters and Waterman describe eight attributes for innovation and excellence in pages 13-16 of their 1982 book "In Search...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Using McKinsey 7-S Model for Analyzing Innovation

Yes, you can use both the 7S Model and the 8 Attributes as a high level “lens” to analyse strengths and weaknesses in th...

  Josephine Lavoy
Project Manager, Uganda

Using McKinsey 7-S Model for Organizing Organisational Sustainability

How about analyzing organizational sustainability using the 7-S model? Any ideas how best to use this tool to analyse t...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

How to Use 7S Model for Organisational Sustainability

@Josephine Lavoy: Well exactly as I said in my earlier comment with respect to innovation. In fact, you can use the 7S ...


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7-S Framework
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