Does the 7-S Model still holds true today?

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Does the 7-S Model still holds true today?
Tony Gyau
Does the 7-S Model still holds true in today's business environment? Companies are increasing outsourcing their functions, and headquarters are only becoming a virtual company. Look at a company like Nike which has become successful without actually owning the production facilities of their own. Instead they outsourced the production around the world. Where do we stand in today's environment, where companies can be virtual and yet make huge profits, with the 7-S Model. I think the time has come to re-define the framework to suit today's globalisation.

7S is only theoretical
I think the whole 7s concept is only theoretical. Organisations have to practise it without realising that it is 7S or otherwise! it is a holistic concept!!

Use 7S whether virtual or not
I believe every company should still practise this holistic concept whether operating a virtual company or not. As long as there is an organisation strategizing to do business in a given structured system by a few or many staff with required skills and styles guided by the company's shared values.

Nike still has all elements
It's especially useful when u r starting a new biz or assessing ur internal environment. It's a checklist. Nike still have all the elements no matter how lean it is.

Know when and how to use 7S concept
d s prakash rao
7-S model is a concept, is well accepted and practiced methodology. Suitability to time, situation, type of industry, the business conditions etc. are to be visualized and balanced between the present practices and the changes required. In other words it is a useful tool, only one should when and how it is to be used.

Make or Buy for each S
The value of the 7S model is that it helps you to design and verify all dimensions of a business. All S-es have to be arranged for, and this should be done in a holistic, interconnected way.
However for each S there can be a make or buy (do it yourself or outsource) decision. This does not decrease the value of the framework in any way, because even outsourced dimensions still need to be taken care for in an integrated way.

My view is that all the model depends on the communication processes. Sometimes everything looks like it is on the right place, but everyone still has his own perception, usually the reason for misleading problems

Philosophy & Educational management and Administration
As you mentioned, the 7s is a kind theoretical concept, however, it can be transferred into practice. Further, except for the superordinate goal, the rest 6s can be divided into two parts, say, on for dealing with events, and the other dealing with people. In this way, the 6s will be available for leaders and managers to check what part should be changed and where to go.

Refined 7-s model
a jagan mohan reddy
I agree with Tony. In the changing times we need to re-look at these existing models and if need be refine/modify them.

7-s framework excellent reference point
Although the business revolutionizes in today's context, it is necessary to visit the basics and have a check now and then to benchmark the progress and compare the value systems kept inside for the future. I believe that the framework is an excellent reference point for today's practicing managers.

7S model of Mckinsey
Gert Lubbersen
The model is still valid, it can occur that in changing times some of the 7 elements will become wmore relevant. We used the model i.e. for a benchmark in a merger process.

7-S Framework and the public sector management
Samuel Nduati Mbugua
The 7-S Framework is a good tool of formulatiing and implementing change programmes in the private sector and not in the public sector. This is because the shared values or the superordinate goals are not clearly stated in the public sector. This makes it difficult to achieve the intended results as the achievement of superdinate goals is the overall purpose of organisational change.

Is 7S model still valid?
Musamali Martin
Yes indeed it is. Consider current delevelopments in the increasingly competitive business environment where a similar product (with some differenciation) is priced differently in different market segments. This act alone may result in a turnaround in profitability of an enterprise. It is all about having a perfect mix of the 7-S components that firms can still rise to enjoy market leadership advantages. Strategic Mergers and acquistions bring out a magical structure that delivers results.. The 7 S model is more than applicable today.. it only depends on the depth with which you analyse and apply it.

7S & System Thinking
Andrea Tedone
The plus of the 7S framework, IMO, is the systemic approach, so that if you plan a change management initiative in one of the 7 domains, you can "easily" try to depict the snowball effect on the others. The minus, as all the others theoretical frameworks, is that you cannot apply just one model and full stop: you have to use this framework in your toolkit, together with others you are comfortable with, and then.... "the sky is the limit"!

7S model
Claude Balleux
A model is never more than theorical. But, it gives clue to understand something. That's the same for this one. And I think that it's still usefull.

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