5 C's in Developing Countries: Add Corruption as 6th C?

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5 C's in Developing Countries: Add Corruption as 6th C?
pulkit, Student (MBA), India, Member
In terms of relationship marketing, the 5 Cs come in very handy. It has been used and implemented in various successful businesses all across the world.
However when we take account of developing economies, another C comes into picture which is corruption as the people sitting on the other side of the desk require bribes.
Do you think it is a proper strategy - in order to overcome such difficulties - to take this C into consideration as well?...Sign up

5 C's in Developing Countries
AUSTIN, Strategy Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
An interesting question. I would say that (moral judgments and prejudices aside) it is vitally important to be pragmatic and acknowledge the context w...Sign up

5 C's in Developing Countries
Raviranjan singh, Turnaround Manager, India, Member
Nice! I too agree on the commitment of Pulkit and Austin. The 5Cs are widely used for the best marketing, specially in relationship marketing, custome...Sign up

Extra C not Needed?
Jaap de Jonge, CEO, Netherlands, Editor
Could the additional C (of Corruption) be already included in the 5th one (Context)? We can see it as a cultural or legal factor......Sign up

Extra C Needed
pulkit, Student (MBA), India, Member
While preparing a business plan or model in universities the students are not given the rights to write about the extra C in details as it is consider...Sign up

Adding Corruption to 5 C's
Megan Grayce, Teacher, United States, Member
Yes, I think it is appropriate to include corruption in emerging economies. You might want to check out Narayanan & Fahey (2005) 'The relevance of the...Sign up

I Think we Really Need to Consider Corruption as an Additional C
Hemraj Verma, Professor, India, Member
The proposition of 6th C in marketing strategy development is a must. Corruption and business are two sides of the same coin and the need has come to ...Sign up

C for Corruption Must Not Be a Marketing Strategy
Shyam Kishor Sah, Manager, Nepal, Member
Actually the 5 Cs are meant for empowering the marketing process and place one's business on a certain position in terms of market share. These are fo...Sign up

The 6th C Should Be Rationally Considered
Thadeo Mukulira, CEO, Rwanda, Member
The C of Corruption should just be thought about as a hindrance influencing business strategies. In countries like Rwanda, corruption is sophis...Sign up

Add 6th C as Corruption?
Gbenga Ojo, Nigeria, Member
Corruption is endemic on all sphere of business endeavours. The 6th C must be added as a constant when scripting out your strategy. It is a ...Sign up

Include Corruption as the 6th C in Marketing Strategy
donna louison
Corruption is truly endemic. It is done so openly now.
I believe it should be included as the 6th C... I have noticed it in my country, where so...Sign up

The 6th C in Marketing Strategy
prisca hookoom, Teacher, Mauritius, Member
@donna louison : Indeed corruption forms a part of our everyday life. Everywhere you can see it, but you don't have ...Sign up

Include Corruption as the 6th C in the Marketing Strategy
Rafael Contreras, Student (MBA), Colombia, Member
@donna louison : I agree that corruption is a bad, institutionalized phenomenon in many countries and transforms cul...Sign up

Corruption Belongs to 5th C (Context)
Sanjeev Kumar Sanju, Manager, India, Member
@Jaap de Jonge (Editor): I agree corruption is one of the contexts, possibly political or social or cultural, so the...Sign up

5 C's in Developing Countries
Dame Phil, Student (University), Belarus, Member
@Jaap de Jonge (Editor): I quite agree with your assertion. It's purely a cultural thing....Sign up

Extra C
mark kumar, Manager, Fiji, Member
There is no need for another C as its included already in the 5Cs....Sign up

The 6th C is Prominent in Telco Industry
Asadul Hossain, Student (University), Bangladesh, Member
I strongly agree with your point of view to add a 6th C for Corrpution. Telecommunication companies or mobile companies have to give bribes to governm...Sign up

What Happens When You Add 6th C? What Implications Can we Make from That?
Remzi ALTUNISIK, Professor, Turkey, Member
I think there is no need for an additional C. I agree with Jaap de Jonge's view.
If we are to add a 6th C for Corruption, what are the things we ...Sign up

The Inclusion of Corruption in the 5c's of Marketing
Endeshaw Azaj, Analyst, Ethiopia, Member
Yes, definitely, I agree with this. Corruption has many forms in developing countries. It has social, economical, cultural, legal implications for the...Sign up

Corruption is a Major Problem
jahan dehghani, Iran, Member
Corruption is a major problem in developing countries. Since it's unethical we should fight against it. If we are corrupt then we will spread this pra...Sign up

Corruption is Included in Customer Needs
Alireza Gooyabadi, Student (MBA), Iran, Member
It's a helpful question but in my opinion corruption is included in the first C: Customer needs.
If the customers' needs are known well and our m...Sign up

Why in Emerging Countries Only?
Danilo Ros, Director, Brazil, Member
Why we assume that corruption is a privilege of the emerging countries? What happens in USA, Europe and others? Are they pure?
I believe each cou...Sign up

Legalizing Corruption and Price Rationalization
ABHIJIT PAUL, Student (MBA), India, Member
Corruption is true to its merit to be included as the 6th C, because due to corruption the price point becomes costly and sometimes inflated prices ar...Sign up

Corruption the New Normal?
Victor Muhlenbeck, Manager, South Africa, Member
Living in South Africa and understanding the invidious network that this creates in a business society, corruption is a genie that you can never put b...Sign up


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