5 C's of Customer Creation Dovetails with 5 C's of Marketing Strategy

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5 C's of Customer Creation Dovetails with 5 C's of Marketing Strategy
Jeff Gordon, Member
We define the 5 C's of Customer Creation as: Consciousness, Curiosity, Contemplation, Contract, Contentment.
This model helps marketers to construct various sales and promotion activities matched to where the prospect is in the sales cycle. Just as the 5 C's of Marketing Strategy provides the strategic framework for understanding where the company's skills intersect with customer needs, this model translates that knowledge into appropriate messages and the right media for moving the customer through the sales funnel.

5Cs Framework
That is very true. However the original 5Cs framework is more flexible as it could be altered for different approaches which may include influencing the buying decisions of customers and how companies change their promotional programs to suit different behavioral patterns of customers.

Distinguishing Between 5C's Framework for Marketing and Communications
Jeff Gordon, Member
An excellent point Senadzo. Thank you for your comment. I really should have said that our 5C's of customer creation takes the flexible 5C's framework for marketing strategy and distills it down to tactical sales communication.
Whatever strategic distinctions are made for different markets and customer segments must indeed be aligned with the various promotional programs that are aimed at them. This includes communications and offers that appeal to the different behavioral patterns you point out.
In the end, the customer is still a human being with cognitive and emotional triggers that must be pressed to move them through the sales cycle. We should probably rename our own 5C's as "Customer Communications" versus customer creation. Thanks again for your feedback.

The 4 C's in Marketing
Roger Remy, Member
For those who have a short memory. I remind you the original marketing 4 C's which Philip Kotller proposed when he realized that the classical 4 P's of the marketing mix, i.e. Product, price, place, promotion, needed an adjustment in the industrial marketing field. He transformed the P's in C's:
- Customer needs throughout the value chain instead of product,
- Cost, meaning applied cost, instead of price,
- Convenience, i.e. Hassle-free, instead of place, and
- Communication, instead of promotion.
Reference see Philip Kotler, Industrial Marketing.
Thanks for all your interesting input.

Eddy Tukamushaba, Member
I am interested to study contentment as a single construct in relation to perceptions customers have of a product. Are there established ways to measure contentment component?

Jaap de Jonge, Editor
@Eddy: see our pages on Kano's Customer Satisfaction Model and SERVQUAL.

Measurement of Customer Contentment
Eddy Tukamushaba, Member
Dear editor, thanks for this insight. However, I would like to know if contentment is synonymous to satisfaction? Otherwise, I think contentment is more than satisfaction. It deals with happiness with ones life situation. Kano's model will help me.

Customer Contentment and Satisfaction
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
To me, these two terms are synonyms.

Eddy Tukamushaba, Member
I'm grateful for your opinion. I will build on this.


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