360, 180 and 540 Degree Feedback

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360, 180 and 540 Degree Feedback
Charles, Business Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
360 degree feedback would involve the person themselves, their manager, selected peers and selected people that the person manages - 4 dimensions.
180 degree feedback could be just the person and their manager - or the person and their peers - or the person and the people they manage - 2 dimensions.
540 degree feedback is where additional groups are asked to contribute - for example ‘customers’ and other ‘stakeholders’ - 5 or more dimensions....Register

360,180 and 540 Degree Feedback
ARAVIND, Project Manager, India, Member
360 is good for improving the attributes if it is done properly with good intention
540 in fact it's the first time I am hearing about 540 degree...

The Cost of 360,180 and 540 Degree Feedback
Prof. Ashvine Kumar, Professor, India, Member
Feedback on what cost?
Are we ready to bear the increased cost due to all these dimensions. I think it's better to talk about cost managem...

540 Degree Feedback?
Enrique Benjamin Franklin F., Professor, Mexico, Member
It seems a very clever proposal of a feedback of 540 degrees, but I think it would add units of measure which may not be very useful in practice.

Lot of Work
Musyoki Muli, Director, Kenya, Member
360 and all these others sound a bit like summative appraisals. How do they factor in continuous performance appraisal and what are the intervals f...

Using 360-degree Feedback for Development
Thomas N. Meriwether, Professor, United States, Member
The 360-degree feedback process is an investment in employee / supervior development. The 360 process works well if development is the purpose....

Head Hurts
Don Berry, Manager, United States, Member
As Tom Meriwether intimated unless 360 is part of a structured organizational development toward specific goals... it is a cost w/o revenue ret...

360, 180 and 540 Degree Feedback
John Muka, Consultant, Australia, Member
Charles, the 360 appraisals with different levels is a good process for performance management and building organisational capability. You might like ...

Performance Audit versus Audit Performance or Auditors Performance
Mrs c usha rani, Professor, India, Member
Presently I am writing an article on performance audit versus audit performance or auditor's performance though we have various methods of performance...

Panorama Feedback
Hans-Guenter Lindner
Good idea to enhance the 360 degree model. Why don't we think about a multidimensional approach?
The question is: why shouldn't we ...

360, 180, 540
Eddie Ozols
The 360 is called that in Australia and does include peers, managers, colleagues and external stakeholders such as partners in a human services contex...

Re: Panorama Feedback
John Muka, Consultant, Australia, Member
Hans, yes there are countless feedback management systems out there and new ones are probably on their way as we speak...
I feel the ke...

180, 360, 540 Degrees System
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India, Member
540 degrees is the most universal system followed globally in all so called 'world-class' or 'best managed' companies.
360 degrees is t...

Focus Groups for Feedback?
Michael Goss, Student (University), Ireland, Member
Focus Groups could be very useful in this context where the feedback given is in primary form. This ...

180 / 360 / 540
Michael Del-Colle
I personally prefer 180 for mid-year reviews; 360 for the annual review - and then extend to 540 for select individuals where the 'recognition & aw...

A Different Version of 540 DGF
Jose Luis Roces, Professor, Argentina, Premium Member
As a 540 variant, we (as consultants) have done with great success, for evaluating intra-individual leadership competences, an appraisal...

360 Appraisal
catherine makumi, Consultant, Kenya, Member
Although 360 appraisal method is effective, it is costly and time consuming, however, it's critical to get to know an employee's performance all aroun...

540 Appraisal
MEGALA, Teacher, India, Member
Is a 360 appraisal with in addition a case analysis on the candidate by giving a situation instantaneously and asking the person to handle the ...

540 Degree Reviews
Alejandro Gonzalez, Consultant, Chile, Member
It seems to be a very good tool because includes not only the internal perception but customer or external vision too. I guess it is the time t...

Extending Multi-rater Questionnaires to External Parties
Ed Robins, Consultant, Australia, Member
I have used several forms of the 360 or multi-rater questionnaire, and believe that extension of the raters to external suppliers, customers or partne...

540 Degree Appraisal is Costly
V. L. KHUZWAYO, Student (MBA), South Africa, Member
I am still an MBA student, not yet a manager. In regards to the topic above I agree with the view that in general the 360 degree appraisal is still...

540 Degree Appraisal for Services Sector
MANYENJE, Student (MBA), Malawi, Member
My view is that the 540 degrees appraisal would be more ideal in the service sector, where client satisfaction can best be measured by client f...

Objective 540 Client Feedback
Michael Del-Colle
In the 540 process, the client selection is critical to a balanced review and good feedback.
Relying solely on employee selected clients h...

360, 540, 180 Degree Feedback Etc
Dr Ramakrishnan, Management Consultant, India, Member
360 degree feedback can be understood as logical. But I fail to understand the logic of 90, 180, 540 etc because the total angle around a person can b...

180, 360, 540 Effectiveness with Variance
Ron Goodman, Consultant, Member
180 has actually been traditionally used before 360.
And 180 still makes sense if you think of for example succession evaluations or one team man...

360 180 540 Feed Back
Dr Robin C Hesler
What is the reference for degree feedback so I can study it more?
Many people are calling appraisals 360 degree yet they aren't. Some are actuall...


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