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Hareesh Ramachandran
Coach, India

360 DFB Must be a Continuous and Open Process

360 is a continuous feedback mechanism. Organizations which have 360s as a major tool for people development mostly collect feedback on regular intervals. Some do it half yearly, some yearly and so on depending on the pattern they decide.
The 360 feedback practice can be effective only when there is an open communication culture. Should we try to apply this feedback mechanism as anonymous, the very purpose of the practice can be lost, as people would view it with a lot of insecurity, since there is a lot of room for misuse of this tool.
For example, if a team is so unfortunate to have a biased manager, this anonymous style will give him more room for manipulative practices. This manager then could use anonymous feedback as evidence and a point of argument against someone he dislikes, thereby depriving that person of what he deserves; maybe a promotion or a pay hike.
Once all understand the why, where, when and how part of the 360 degree feedback practice, and if the manger can continuously instigate an open culture in the team, people will love to provide feedback in the appropriate time, without even waiting for the regular feedback cycle.

  Steve Foster
Consultant, Netherlands

Missing on the List Here is Self Evaluation

Please do not dismiss self evaluation (e.g. portfolio preparation) until you have learned more about it's practical uses...

  Hareesh Ramachandran
Coach, India


Steve... Could you provide more clarity?...

  Jide Olaniran, Australia

Self-evaluation Matters. Communication of the Feedback

Steve is very correct that the person being assessed must also evaluate him(her)self by honestly answering same question...

  Hareesh Ramachandran
Coach, India

Adding to Jide's Comment

In the exceptional case as mentioned, when the mangager is biased, even self-assessment will not be a defense for the as...

Consultant, Uganda

360 Feedback - Acceptance of Vulnerability

Open communication is key in using the 360 degree feed back. But a culture of open communication must be combined with a...

  jeff mitchell, United Kingdom

Balance of Feedback Mechanism

360% feedback is a great mechanism, if people are prepared to give honest and open views. If they are anonymous this doe...

  Naiema Mohammed
Manager, Trinidad and Tobago

Never Use Anonymous Feedback

In order to promote transparency within an organization, it is always better to conduct collaborative training programme...

  Kirk Witzberger
United States

Anonymous Feedback

Hit and run" feedback, with no name attached, is not valuable and can be hurful. As Hareesh alluded, a culture of open a...

  Nguyen An Thuy
Viet Nam

360 DFB - Open Communication with Constructive Attitude

Open communication is a necessary key for the organization to use 360 degree feedback. However, I think open communicati...

  Asrat Dereb
Teacher, Ethiopia

Good Idea But...

The idea is so interesting. However: some people around us are not capable to give genuine feedback due to personal feel...

  Hareesh Ramachandran
Coach, India

Reality Can Be Overcome

Your observation is very true Asrat. As I indicated this is the part where managers / leaders have to really ensure prop...

  Nguyen An Thuy
Viet Nam

How does a Manager Ensure Proper Understanding of 360 DFB?

Your ideas are really useful. The fact that some people are not capable of giving genuine feedback occurs in many organi...

  Glen T. Mashburn
Consultant, United States

The Issue of Trust

In order for this or any feedback to truly be effective, an organization must first build trust. Without that prerequisi...

CEO, Nigeria

360 DFB Culture in the Organization and in the Society

360 DFB can be a resource if the culture of the organisation is democratic and willing to tolerate constructive criticis...

  Danilo Rojas
Business Consultant, Colombia

The Power of Simplicity In 360 DFB

We had all this experiences until we expressed all our jobs in terms of statistics, specifically what we will measure on...

  jeff mitchell, United Kingdom

360 Feedback Prerequisites

Very interesting dialogue from Hareesh's opening statement. Is there an opportunity to develop a simple list of what are...

  Alhassan Sulemana
Teacher, Ghana

360 Degree Feedback Need 360 Degree Evaluation

In order to ensure a more objective appraisal, feedback from each appraiser can be evaluated by other appraisers in the ...

  Gary Wong
Consultant, Canada

Inflexible and Expensive

That's my experience doing 360 feedback. While the intentions are honorable, you often get unintended negative consequen...

Coach, Netherlands

Culture of Trust

As a HRD advisor I would ask the following question: 360 degrees feedback as a means to what end? To develop an organis...

  Ana Luz Padierna, Mexico

Applying 360 Appraisal in Immature Organizational Climate

In companies where the organizational climate is not stable or mature it is risky to apply 360. However, I've seen that...


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