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Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Best Providers of 360 Feedback

We are currently locked into a 360 degree feedback provider who is becoming inflexible - and expensive...
Better not mention their name in case of re-percussions..
Does anyone have an idea of the relative merits and costs of other providers - ideally people you have worked with.
I need to be able to add my own questionnaire - and add the client logos - so some level of customisation would be useful...
I like the forum already.

  Victoria G. Axelrod, United States

360 Provider Inflexibility

You hold the purse strings on the provider. Now is the time to negotiate for an in-house version you can run on your own allowing you the flexibility you need to customize as the business challenges evolve. Let the vendor know you will drop them if the accommodation is not made.
Unless you are prepared to walk, you can not negotiate.
PDI is one of the better 360 groups I have worked with they do accommodate customer needs well. Hope this is not your provider.
Another option is to take you what you like form the current provider and build your own 360. I can recommend the name of a boutique business who has been associated with Metrus Group in the US who is superb.

  Scott Chambers
Consultant, United Kingdom

360 Service Provider

Having worked with 360 providers for 15 years we now have a good relationship with 2 reliable and flexible providers. Ha...

  Phil Friedrich
Analyst, United States

360 Feedback Providers

I would believe there are firms in the UK with the resources to work with you to develop personalized 360 and 540 feedba...

  Doc Waltz
Professor, United States

Providers of 360 Assessments

Charles: it's been about 9 years ago, but I think we used Assessments-USA and Canada for our 360 assessment program. I d...

  Leary Davis
Professor, United States

360 Feedback Providers

I recommend the Center for Creative Leadership. They have had a campus in Brussels, as well as U. S. and Singapore, for ...

  Victoria G. Axelrod, United States

360 Provider Inflexibility

I agree with Leary Davis's option as well. I was a beta user of CLI and COS. Terrific assessments. Also, know the direct...

  Mark Barnier, Australia

360 Tool Thats Recommended

I use the fullcircle feedback tool from a supplier here in Australia, it can can be 360 or 540, supplier happy to use yo...

Director, Netherlands

Best Providers of 360 Feedback

I surely can recommend Cope, located in Leiden, Netherlands, but working internationally. Client friendly and not expens...

  Jackie Newman
Manager, United Kingdom

360-degree Feedback Recommendation

Hi Charles, having just completed the first round of 360 feedback I would recommend MTD Training to anyone. They took ti...

  Clare McNamara
Coach, United Kingdom

360-degree Feedback Consultant

Further to Charles' comments about his current provider, I may be able to help and would certainly be happy to have a co...

  Adrian Woodstock
Strategy Consultant, United Kingdom

Best Providers of 360/540 Feedback

We have used the full range leadership model created by Avolio and Bass for the last 4 years as one of our 360/540 tools...

Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Other Providers

Hi guys - thanks for all your suggestions - I am talking to a company called to see if they can help me ...

  Ron Goodman

360 Vendor Choice Decision Making

Hi Charles. Don't know if its still worth noting but we've used Vision Metrics 3 years now in a row. They are internatio...

  Colin Newbold
CEO, United Kingdom

How Did You Get on Charles?

Did you change supplier Charles? Who did you choose, and when? How would you rate them? Best regards, Colin....


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