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A (Customer) Value Proposition is a marketing statement by a firm that summarizes how it can provide value for a prospective customer. In other words: why a consumer should buy its product or use its service. It is the sum total of benefits a customer is promised to receive in return for the customer's associated payment (or other value transfer).

A sound value proposition is clear and concise and appeals to the customer's strongest decision-making drivers. Also, it should convince potential customers that the particular product or service will add more value than other similar offerings by other firms.

A Value Proposition is a key element of a Business Model.

Value Proposition Forum
  Changed Value Propositions for Millennials
The emergence of the generation known as Millennials (born between 1980 and 2000, also known as Generation Y) has thrown up challenges for marketers. Brands are investing huge resources and time to research and appreciate th...
  Future Customer Value
Research about customer value is valuable, but does not generate direct insight into what customers will consider important in the FUTURE.
However, future customer value is more important than knowing the current situation.
To come up with ...
  Purpose of Value Proposition
Generally it's the same as a unique selling proposition. Because a firm would give that statement to the customers by which it can score over other competitors or by that statements it'd try t...
  Purpose of Value Proposition
What is the purpose of a value proposition? When do we use it?...

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A Closer Look Into Customer Value

It is often argued that customer value is required for staying competitive and successful as organization. But in what ways can customer value be a cr...
Usage (application): Customer Value Analysis, Strategic Marketing, Innovation Strategy

Resources - Value Proposition Premium

A Service-Oriented View on Marketing

Presentation about a service-dominant logic mindset in marketing, including the following sections:
1. Getting the logic right
2. Goods-Domi...
Usage (application): Service-Dominant Logic, Perspectives on Marketing

The Dawn of Conscious Capitalism

This presentation provides an introduction into the concept of conscious capitalism, and includes the following sections:
1. Introduction
Usage (application): Conscious Capitalism, Value-driven Consumer, Socially Responsible Investing, Corporate Responsibility

Innovation and Business Models

This presentation is about Business Models and Innovation, emphasizing Innovation in Business Models. The presentation includes the following sections...
Usage (application): Business Models, Business Model Innovation

Reinventing your Business Model

A presentation that clearly explains the concept of changing business models according to Kagermann, Johnson and Christensen, following their article ...
Usage (application): Business Model Change, Strategic Innovation

Understanding Value Proposition

How can a Firm Earn a Profit by Solving Customer Problems Better than the Competition?
Very good introduction into the fundamental elements of ru...
Usage (application): Introduction to Value Proposition, Teaching


Value Proposition


Value Proposition


Value Proposition


Value Proposition

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