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Definition Undifferentiated Marketing. Description.

Undifferentiated Marketing is a market coverage strategy whereby differences within a market are ignored. Everyone is assumed the same. The company attempts to appeal to the whole market with a single product (line) or service (line) and marketing strategy. A single Marketing Mix is offered to the total market. This approach typically relies on mass manufacturing, mass distribution and mass advertising.

Advantages: very cost effective, low marketing complexity, reaches anyone.

Disadvantages: ignores segmentation, may lead to disappointing sales, can be wasteful.

Undifferentiated marketing is advisable when the competition is (still) scarce and when the product has mass appeal.

Also called Unsegmented Marketing or Mass Marketing.

Undifferentiated Marketing Forum
  Blind - Deaf - Mute Marketing
Today many companies don't use marketing in an appropriate way. I name them Blind-Deaf-Mute companies. To help such companies to understand and change their behavior, I conceived the metaphor of Blind-Deaf-Mute Marketing (BDM Marketing):
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  Luxury Goods Strategy in Recession
Now that the current recession has reached countries like India & China, there has been a steep decline in the sales of luxury goods.
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  Is Mass Marketing Dead?
Some claim that mass marketing is becoming less significant; others claim that it is not and that there will always be room for large brands that employ marketing programs that target the mass market.
So what do you think: is mass marketing (MM)...
  What is the Opposite of Mass Marketing?
What is the opposite of mass marketing? Is it micro marketing? Or else segmented marketing?
Please comment anyone....

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Media Selection: Media Characteristics, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

This presentation elaborates the concept of media, related to consumer behaviour and businesses. The presentation includes the following sections:
Usage (application): Mass Media, Media Selection, Channels, Advertising, Media Types, Media Scheduling

Philip Kotler on Today's Relevance of Mass Advertising

Philip Kotler explains that mass advertising, typically through television and print, has lost most of its its effectiveness for most markets, product...
Usage (application): Mass Advertsing, Mass Media, Advertising Strategy, Consumer Behavior

The Internet / Social Media Revolution

Video shows how fast social media is growing. And gives a clear status of the position of social media by 2014.
Great starter for a discussion, p...
Usage (application): Social Media, Internet Strategy, Internet Impact, Digital Revolution


Undifferentiated Marketing


Undifferentiated Marketing


Undifferentiated Marketing


Undifferentiated Marketing

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