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Transformational Leadership is a style of leadership, related to Warren Bennis, that motivates through identification with the leader's vision: pulling rather than pushing others on.

According to Bennis (On Becoming a Leader), it is good to make a distinction between:

  • Managers: Doing things right. Transactional Leadership. Administers, maintains, Focuses on system and controls and the sort term view, asks how and when, keeps an eye on the bottom line.

  • Leaders: Doing the right things. Transformational Leadership. Innovates, develops, focuses on people, inspires, creates trust, asks what and why and has a long term view and an eye for the horizon.

Typical Transformational Leadership Behaviors: (B.M. Bass, 1993)

  1. Idealized Influence (attributed and behavior). Refers to leaders who have high standards of moral and ethical conduct, who are held in high personal regard, and who engender loyalty from the follower.

  2. Inspirational Motivation. Refers to leaders with a strong vision for the future - based on values and ideals. Leader behaviors falling into this dimension include stimulating enthusiasm, building confidence, and inspiring followers using symbolic actions and persuasive language. Idealized influence and inspirational motivation are highly correlated and are sometimes combined to form a measure of charisma.

  3. Intellectual Stimulation. Refers to leaders who challenge organizational norms, encourage divergent thinking, and push followers to develop innovative strategies.

  4. Individual Consideration. Refers to leader behaviors aimed at recognizing the unique growth and developmental needs of followers as well as coaching followers and consulting with them.

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