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Definition Strategic Analysis. Description.

Strategic Analysis is the process of developing an informed understanding of the external environment in which an organization is operating, together with an understanding of the organization's capabilities and interaction with its environment, in order to to establish the Strategic Vision and the Strategy of the organization.

Typical frameworks  that are used include: PEST Analysis, SWOT Analysis, the Five Forces and Value Chain frameworks from Porter and the Core Competence model from Hamel and Prahalad.

Strategic Analysis Forum
  Strategy Formulation as the Means to Arrive at a Future End State
Strategy is about formulating a path to arrive at a future end state. Since there can be several viable options, strategic analysis involves choosing which road to take. The more important question is how "idealistic" is the desired future state. If ...
  The Role of Non-Economic Concerns in Strategy Formulation
What is the relevance of non-economic concerns of society and corporate culture and how do they affect the formulation and implementation of strategy?...
  Strategic Planning Definition
The above definition of strategic planning is very sound and clear for me. No other comments are necessary....

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Expert Tips - Strategic Analysis Premium

Meta-cognition (Meta-thinking) in Strategic Thinking

Most businesses are primarily concerned with the type of thinking that tries to make complex problems or interconnected and multidimensional issues ma...
Usage (application): Schools of Thought, Strategic Thinking, Scenario Thinking, Strategic Assumptions, Strategic Reasoning

Strategic Planning versus Strategic Thinking (Mintzberg)

According to Mintzberg (1994) many people wrongly consider Strategic Planning (SP) to be a synonym for Strategic Thinking (ST). But they should be con...
Usage (application): Strategic Planning, Strategic Thinking, Emergent Strategy, Deliberate Strategy

Resources - Strategic Analysis Premium

Introduction to Due Diligence: Concept and Best Practices

Presentation about the broad concept of Due Diligence, including the following sections:
1. Concept
2. Definition and meaning of due diligen...
Usage (application): Due Diligence, Merger, Acquisition, Strategic Partnership, Intellectual Property, IPO, Business Investigation Process

Introduction to Strategic Planning and The ABCDE Model

Good overview presentation that also describes a 5-step strategic planning model (ABCDE). Following the steps in this strategic model the main element...
Usage (application): Strategic Planning, ABCDE Model, SWOT Analysis, Corporate Mission, Strategic Vision

Speech Steve Jobs on Connecting the Dots

Legendary speech by former Apple CEO and innovation guru Steve Jobs in which he tells 3 stories that together explain what is behind his immense succe...
Usage (application): How to Create a Revolutionary Vision: 'Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish'

7 Steps for Creating a Strategic Business Plan

Presentation about strategic planning and business planning, including the following sections:
1. What is a business plan?
2. Why do we need...
Usage (application): Strategic Planning, Strategic Management, Business Planning, Business Plan

Roger Martin: Five Key Choices of Strategy

Roger Martin describes five key questions a company has to answer to create a sustainable strategy:
1. What is our winning aspiration?
2. Wh...
Usage (application): Initial Understanding of Strategy

Conducting a Strategy Review (Strategic Review). Types and Tips

Erica Olsen explains how to run a strategy review, she considers to be the heartbeat of any strategic management process. It is coming together and ta...
Usage (application): Strategy Review, Strategic Management, Strategy Process


Strategic Analysis


Strategic Analysis


Strategic Analysis


Strategic Analysis

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