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What is Span of Control? Meaning.

Span of Control is the number of people/subordinates that can be effectively managed by one manager. It is an organizational theory term that refers to how relationships are structured between leaders and subordinates in organizations. A wide span of control exists when a person oversees many subordinates. A narrow span of control exists when a leader oversees few subordinates.

The optimal Span of Control is dependent upon a great number of factors, some of which include:

  • The nature of the work of the subordinates.

  • The skills, capabilities, experience, seniority, qualifications of the subordinates.

  • The skills, capabilities, experience, seniority, qualifications of the manager.

  • The use of information technology.

  • The detail at which work rules and procedures have been formalized and are known by the subordinates.

  • The applied management style (command and control or democratic / affiliative).

  • The desired depth of the hierarchy in an organization (steep or flat).

  • Organizational approaches (Self-directed Teams, Empowerment, cross-functional teams, etc.)

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Benefits and Drawbacks Wide SOC
What are the main benefits and drawbacks of a wide SOC? (...)
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Key Considerations in Deciding Upon your Organizational Design

Organization Set Up, Organizational Structure, Organization Structure, Centralization, SOC, Departmentaliz
When setting up a business or organization, it is important to think about the roles, processes and relationships within (...)

Ways to Increase the SOC

Organization Design, Job Design
There are multiple ways to increase the SOC. These are the main ones: Appoint an adjunct (assistant) man (...)

2 Meanings of SOC

Organization Design, Job Design
Be alert for 2 meanings of the term “SOC”. 1. The actual number of employees (subordinates) that is (...)
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