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Definition Public Relations? Meaning.

Public Relations is the field, practice and organizational function of managing the flow of information between an organization or an individual and the public.


PR representatives create, develop, and carry out activities, policies and programs to inform and influence the public opinion, investors, partners, employees and other stakeholders about the organization, its activities, its success, the quality of its products and services, its management efficiency, its attractiveness for employees, its social responsibility, its innovativeness, its financial stability, etcetera.

PR departments try to enhance the prestige, image or goodwill of a company in the eyes of customers, suppliers, government, media, competitors, shareholders, employees and the society as a whole.


PR Activities and Media

Typical channels include the company's web site, press releases, speeches, publicity events or stunts, books, media, newsletters, brochures, marketing collateral and also open reporting. Unlike mandatory (legal, financial, accounting, tax) reporting, open reporting is predominantly non-financial and summarizes the results of the company's work in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) spheres, allowing readers to assess the stability of the business, the quality and progressiveness of the management, to get an idea of the implementation of social and charitable programs of the company and its participation in various programs of government bodies, etcetera.

In general, the use of traditional mass communication is declining in favor of online and social media news sources. As readership in traditional media shifted to online media, so has the focus of most public relations departments. Social media releases, managing the online corporate reputation, search engine optimization, content publishing, and the introduction of podcasts and video are other burgeoning trends.


PR Disciplines

Typical disciplines of PR organizations are:

  • Investor Relations: communicating financial results and business strategy to influence investor sentiment.
  • Consumer Relations: gaining publicity for the company's products and services.
  • Crisis Communications: Communicating in case of a crisis.
  • Internal Communications: Communicating with employees of the organization.
  • Government Relations: communicating with and lobbying in local or national government organizations

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